10 False Myths About Spirituality

As a result of the energetic vibrational shift of the universe, spiritual awakening is on the rise across the globe.  Many would be asking questions and coming up against negative myths which might cause confusion and hinder spiritual growth.  It is important to realise that they are only myths and have no truth behind them as they are normally made by non spiritually awakened people. The most important thing is to let go of any myths, true or false, any preconceived ideas and go with your In-Tuition (Inner Teacher). You will be subtly guided on your journey when the truth will present itself to you as you move through.

1. It is way too difficult a way of life to accomplish.  

Many think that modern hectic lifestyle makes it void and unobtainable and not relevant in this day and age.  That it is too difficult or time consuming to learn something new.  Whenever you step into anything new, it will always feel difficult and overwhelming at first, when in fact,  it becomes a way of life and how you run your life.  Spirituality allows you to navigate through life with grace and ease.  With the many practices such as meditation, praying and yoga, it leads to positivity, clarity and prioritising of what’s really important in life.


2.Spirituality doesn’t relate to modern life 

Recognising your spirituality in modern times is needed now more than ever as many of the problems caused by modern life is because of spiritual neglect.  When life is based around fear and ‘looking out for myself’, will only create limitation, lack and more problems.  Spirituality manifests in creativity, collaboration and sharing which helps with the pressures of modern life.  In fact we are headed into a whole new era or a New Earth where spirituality will dominate, obliterating the old negative paradigm.  We are in enlightening times where you are encouraged and gently guided by the Universe to participate in it’s evolution.


3. Spirituality is confusing and conflicts with religion

Religion serves to segregate, divide and impart conflicting doctrines which leads to competition, fear and many cases war.  Spirituality is the recognition that we are all one, that we all come from the same source – God. The recognition of our greatness in the likeness of God, and that segregation and division is no longer acceptable.  The many religious denominations have all got one thing in common – spirituality, that there is only one God. So the competing of which religion is right or wrong detracts away from the similarities. It’s akin to your right hand having a fight with your left – what’s the point and where does it lead. Spirituality calls for openness, expansion, collaboration and endless possibilities whereas religion is closed, tight, limiting and restrictive.


4. Spirituality is for ‘loners’ who have no friends or family

While it may be true that many do find a ‘calling’ when they have limited relationships, but it only then serves to improve their lives by the exploration and growth as a result of reflection and having the time to focus on self development and awareness.  This will then serve to improve relationships as you will now be coming from a place of love and expansive sharing.  Also, it will enable you to deal with family pressures and conflicts as you will be coming from a place of forgiveness and understanding.


5. Spirituality is not backed by any scientific evidence

Science, though important, is limited in it’s scope as it is based around logic and clearly defined outcomes of cause and effect.  Whereas spirituality is esoteric, mystical, energetic, limitless and not always clearly defined. Science ignores the 6th sense, the miracles of life and the magnificence of our capabilities, and therefore can not be conclusive in it’s findings.


6. Spirituality encourages you to run from your responsibilities

Although it is very clear that the more distractions and family matters that you have to deal with, it is quite difficult to nurture your spirituality as much as you’d like.  Many people seek out solitude in order to ‘find themselves’ and surround themselves with like minded people.  Perhaps some may find this a necessity in order to grow to enable them to bring back value to their communities.  Many of life’s responsibilities can be summed up as distractions from spirituality.  Seeking solitude in discovering spirituality can serve as a welcome break from heavy responsibilities and a hectic social and family life.  You will return with a renewed zest for simplicity and a stressfree life driven by passion and contribution.


7. Seeking spirituality is only for depressed, miserable, unhappy people

While it may be true that some of these people do seek out spirituality, but the reason they are depressed and unhappy is because they have not awakened to their spirituality and these shortcomings only serves as a jump off point for self development and spiritual growth.  Spirituality only contributes and adds positivity to your life no matter what situation you find yourself in, as it is expansive, divine and unlimited in it’s reach.


8. Spiritual teachers are unintelligent and uneducated

We are all spiritual beings and some of us have evolved to such a high spiritual state that we can start to teach our experiences and wisdom.  Acquiring qualifications and MBA’s have no real role in spiritual growth as it is too expansive and far too great to be measured by some exam paper.  God often speaks through us and to us, therefore anybody who has a close relationship with God, is full of wisdom and knowledge has a duty to inspire and impart their knowledge to others. Formal qualifications not needed or necessary.


9. Spirituality is stale and boring

People who make these statements are unawakened souls who have not yet experienced any spiritual growth.  Spirituality brings joy, acceptance, inner peace, love, passion, willingness, fearlessness, knowledge, mystery, a quiet confidence, happiness and unlimited potential.  In fact, add all the positive words in the dictionary as an indication of how great in scope spirituality really is.


10. Spirituality plays no part in a professional or business life

Majority of businesses fail and one of the main reasons for this dismal failure rate is because they are led by selfishness, greed and unethical standards.  When businesses come from a place of serving, collaboration, quality, high values and a spiritual backing then any business can take on a whole new lease of life.


As you move through your spiritual journey, you’ll be able to recognise and make full use of your intuition. This will guide you along the way when false concepts and deceits will be easily distinguishable.