March 2013

Discover The Many Benefits And Methods Of Meditation


As well as quieting the mind and opening up yourself to the Universe, meditation has many other benefits.  This infographic demonstrates this well, as well as the many methods of meditation. As you progress on your spiritual journey with new insights and discoveries, meditation will contribute to clarity, calmness and opening.  Here are some of […]

The Power Of Prayer


Ever since ancient civilisation, people worldwide have been praying to a higher being, a higher source or God.  This is much like having an internal dialogue with God when you start feeling some level of connection. Most of us do it to show gratitude, ask for help and to feel part of the magnificence of […]

Follow Your Intuition To Freedom

Following your intuition simply means paying attention to your gut instinct, that silent whisper you get from time to time which is nudging you in a particular direction. This is your inner guide (Inner-Teacher) calling on you to follow your life’s purpose. Your life will take on a whole new meaning of wisdom with drive, […]

What Is Meditation And How To Practice It

Meditation which simply means to quieten the mind and allowing time to connect to your true self and to your source.  A powerful grounding practice. It brings about feelings of belonging as you get a sense of your own greatness which you can only really fully appreciated and understand when distractions are cast aside and […]

Create A Sacred Space - Shut Out Distractions For A While

As you begin your spiritual journey, you will naturally seek out quiet time for contemplation, prayer or meditation, to raise your vibrational energy fields and to feel some form of grounding and connection.  If your life is particularly hectic, you will begin to crave this “down time” as it offers you opportunity for peace and […]

Starting Your Spiritual Journey

As you move through your journey, all the answers will start miraculously appearing.  It’s not about rigidly reading and believing some text book, but more about your own understanding, evolution and transformation.  As you move through and remain steadfast in your quest for knowledge and growth, your answers will become clear and you will start […]

Mother Teresa - An Icon Who Questioned Her Faith

Mother Teresa, born in August 1910 and died in September 1997.  She made it her life’s mission to care for the extremely poor and the dying people of India and all over the world.  She headed the operations of over 600 missions  spread across 123 countries which employed the services of well over 4000 sisters […]

Mahatma Gandhi - Iconic Spiritual Leader

One of the most prolific conscientious spiritual leaders of our time, Mahatma Gandhi, born in October 1869 and assassinated in 1948 at 78 years old. His life was an example of a relentless pursuit for peace and justice and he achieved this through organising non-violent civil disobedience in massive numbers.  The most remarkable aspect of […]