March 2013

A Time For Real Change

We are currently in unprecedented times where there is an energetic vibrational shift of the universe and of it’s people.  Like a wave of positivity, love and truthful expression,where people are now questioning and looking for answers.  There has been a surge of spiritual awakening and truth seeking, which is growing stronger as time goes […]

How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Does your life feel like it’s purpose driven, or is it just coasting along, getting lost in the everyday grind. Does it feel empty and hopeless.  If so, you have unwittingly created a life for yourself which is taking you down the wrong path.  Imagine if you lived out the rest of your life on […]

Discover Who You Are By Asking Yourself 10 Vital Questions

1. WHO AM I? Do you feel that you are living somebody else’s life.  The answer to this question would be wrapped up and pushed aside by your circumstances, career and relationships you find yourself in.  Do you feel that you’ve somehow got lost along the way. Did you choose your life/career or did your […]