April 2013

Who Am I Really, What Is My Purpose?

It comes a point in your life when you start to ask yourself some serious soul searching questions. Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Is My Purpose? Why Do I Exist? Am I Part of Something Much Bigger Than Myself? Is There Something I Don’t Know? These questions usually start to arise within […]

5 Ways To Raise Consciousness

We have entered a time of great change, where more people are asking questions.  Questions such as ‘Why am I here?”, “Does God really exists?” “Can I really grow spiritual amongst all the chaos and distractions in my life?” These questions demand answers and they will appear before you as if by magic. Strengthening your […]

Who Owns Life - Corporations?

We are at an unprecedented time in history when huge corporations are trying to take complete control of the world’s food supply. They are doing this by taking conventional seeds, manipulating them in a laboratory (GM), patenting them and claiming it as their creation.  They then sneak it into the food supply, own it and […]

10 False Myths About Spirituality

As a result of the energetic vibrational shift of the universe, spiritual awakening is on the rise across the globe.  Many would be asking questions and coming up against negative myths which might cause confusion and hinder spiritual growth.  It is important to realise that they are only myths and have no truth behind them […]