5 Ways To Raise Consciousness

We have entered a time of great change, where more people are asking questions.  Questions such as ‘Why am I here?”, “Does God really exists?” “Can I really grow spiritual amongst all the chaos and distractions in my life?” These questions demand answers and they will appear before you as if by magic. Strengthening your spiritual journey and raising your energetic consciousness will lead the way.

1. Always listen to your intuition, that silent whisper you get all the time which is often overshadowed by a negative destructive thought.  

Almost everybody has a yearning or deep down feeling of where they want their lives to be.  This is often left at the back of their minds and saved for “another time, when it’s more convenient”.  You know what I’m talking about here – your passions, hopes and dreams left to fester until you wake up one day old and grey with no energy to do anything.  Your life has passed you by.

When you follow your gut instinct and take note of all the signs and omens the universe is presenting to you, your life will take on a whole new direction.  Acknowledge negative thoughts, be the observer, then tell it to go get lost somewhere.

2. Show Gratitude

When we express appreciation and gratefulness for what we’ve already got, we automatically put ourselves in a state of receiving more.  Gratitude shifts your mental state to that of opening and abundance. Nature abhors ungratefulness.  Even if life is throwing at you challenging circumstances such as losing a job, your house or a relationship, always look on these as learning modalities.  A cue from which to learn and grow from.

Give thanks for the positive things that you already have, such as good health, access to clean water and decent food.  You have all the basics you need to pick yourself up, dust off the old and start an adventure toward the new.

3. Constantly remind yourself of your unlimited potential

Everyone was born with potential for greatness.  But we have been so conditioned to believe that we have no power or control over ourselves that we are tight and small and in constant need of outside support.  From our parents, schools, colleges, establishments and media, they are constantly telling us where to look or what to think.  They are doing a very good job as with all this onslaught, we don’t even know who we are anymore.

When you look around you at the fantastic achievements created by man, then you are looking at a reflection of your very own capabilities.  We were all created equal and have the potential to create and achieve  just as well as the next man.  If you have the desire for something, it usually means that it is within your reach to achieve it, or that particular desire wouldn’t come up for you.  If you think small, you get small results, if you think big, you get big results.  Your life’s journey is to put your deepest desires and thoughts through the ultimate test of life – fearlessly expressing your greatness and full potential.

4. Don’t allow negativity to dull your energy

We are all balls of energy emanating at alternating frequencies.  Our aim is to keep this frequency at a positive high as much as possible.  Unfortunately for a lot of people, this energy is corrupted and mangled with a constant onslaught of negativity.  It could come in the form of bad relationships, stressful jobs, eating junk food, watching too much TV and paying too much attention to gossip and mass media.

The act of consciously raising your energetic vibration is very rewarding as you can experience the shift almost instantly.  When you remember who you are, that you are striving for your greatness to make an impact on yourself and others.  As long as your intentions are honourable then your potential is unlimited.

5. Rewire Your Brain

When consciously starting your spiritual journey, you begin to think of yourself and the world from a different perspective.  You become more of a creator than a consumer, a thinker rather than a passive follower, more productive than reactive, you ask questions rather than blindly believing anything thrown at you from so called ‘officials’.

You just utilize yourself more, make use of your own innate intelligence.

There are many practices that can help you open up to yourself more.  You have meditation, yoga, prayer, observing nature in all it’s forms, appreciating fine art, music and wonderful creations of your brother men.  Also observing other spiritually aware people, people who have fascinating stories to tell, including those who have claimed to have gone over to the other side and back (OBE).

There is an unlimited world out there, ready for you to explore and help move you into your greatness.