A Meditation Session When In Need of Uplifting and Healing

When you are feeling down and life is throwing negative things your way, it is usually a sign to change course.  When you feel in need of uplifting and healing, meditation may be just what you need to bring you back up again.  You know it’s time to make shifts in your thinking so you can experience more of your own personal brightness, especially at difficult times.  Life is a series of ups and downs, and when the down times come along, would you like to know how to move through them better?


With this Deep Healing Meditation Session by ‘The Honest Guys’ they take you on a journey through struggle and darkness and toward your light.  You might want to open your eyes from time to time to take in the vibrant images.


“Every fear, nagging memory, pain and sorrow is burned clean away by the light. A power and sense of knowing that it is in you, a part of you, body and soul. You feel that you could do anything, be anything, fly like an eagle, run for hundreds of miles, swim along the oceans like a fish and walk through the stars”


UNIVERSAL LIGHT ENERGY HEALING – Epic Power Meditation by The Honest Guys


To your power love and light, the essence of the universe.

Surround yourself with an aura of white light and protection.  During your day to day, bring yourself in-tune with the creative force of the universe to keep yourself uplifted and in a space for healing.

“It will watch over you and keep negativity and darkness away – know that you are looked after”

GUIDED MEDITATION – White Light Protection
‘Warrior of Light’ by The Honest Guys

When done on a regular basis this meditation can help you diffuse any negative energies and thoughts.

You are loved, guarded and safe.

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