About Us

So what is Discovering Spirituality?

Sharon2-1We as humans have abandoned or chosen to neglect the nurturing of our spirits.  We have pushed it aside and allowed ego to take over, and in so doing forgotten who we are.  Discovering Spirituality is the bringing out and pulling to the surface the real you, your soul and your spirit.  This will allow you to reconnect to the truth of life.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, just a small blip of time.  We have been put here to learn, grow, teach, express love and joy before passing back to our spiritual paradigm.

The earth is going through a miraculous vibrational shift which some cultures believe was instigated on 21 December 2012 when the Mayan calendar indicated the end.  This end was obviously not the end of the world as most people thought.  It was merely symbolising the end of an old era and the beginning of the new. This is in line with the positive vibrational energetic shift of the universe, the world is now moving into an era of great change and awakening.

As we move through this challenging paradigm of quickening global unrest, wars, corruption, destructive technologies, natural disasters, disregard for the environment and humanity, manipulative and negative economies, frantic lifestyles; people are starting to wake up.  We are seeking answers to our questions, realising that something isn’t quite right with the world, a bit “wrong” or out of quilter.  Is this the best that we can do with our beautiful earth, our beautiful souls.  The massive lies, half truths, the shredding of history.  We come to realise “hold on a minute, we have been misled here.  The true meaning of life has been systematically tossed aside” and replaced with fear.  Humanity has taken a bad turn, but these things are happening for a reason and it is for us now to learn from and move on to the next phase.  Many of us will be asking:

  • Who Am I?
  • Why Am I Here?
  • Do I have Loving Relationships?
  • Have I Got The Power To Change?
  • How Do I Solve My Problems?
  • How Can I Help Solve Our Problems?
  • Can I Really Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment?

This phase of awakening, opening, learning and progress will help answer those questions.  We have to be bold, courageous and ready to step into who we really are. We are all students of life and not one is superior over the other.  This site has been put together to share, collaborate and communicate expressions of ideas and reinforcement of our greatness and infinite possibilities.

We are the masters of our own divine beings and should strive towards utilising our in-tuition which means Inner Teacher, paying attention to ourselves (as God communicates through us and to us). This site serves as a reminder, a reference point, for opening and dialogue, research, contribution and discussion on this all important topic. When you move through your journey, you will begin to ‘feel’ at a deep level when insightful facts are brought to your attention, almost as if you knew it already.  You will begin to have ‘aha’ moments when you start stepping into the real you.

Transcending ManAs I have been on my spiritual path for quite some time, I felt the energetic shift and sense a collective positive awareness around me.  This brought my journey to a whole new level and have brought about a group of like minded people who have helped contribute to the inspiring development of this site.  I have documented resources, insights and inspiration as well as other individuals who provoke thought and expansion. In fact, I don’t believe the missionaries, the visionaries and the spiritual gurus of the world have all the answers, they serve only as inspiration, sharing and opening.  It’s an explorative, collaborative and never ending personal journey of discovery for each and every one of us.

Inner peace, love and connectivity is the driving force behind this beautiful divine journey.