Enlightenment: Initial Discussions

As our society moves forward in its study and growing understanding of different spiritual paths, one of the things required is a dialogue concerning the nature of personal enlightenment. Or said another way, after studying a particular spiritual path, for the average traveler, what does personal spiritual development look like? Often travelers start out on […]

What Happens When You Ascend?

Have you ever thought what happens to those people who have raised their consciousness to an elevated level?  What happens to them and where do they go when the physical body dies.  And what happens to the rest of us? There are different levels of spiritual elevation and all represent a learning curve with which […]

Transformation Of Humanity

When It’s very clear that the world is heading down the path of self destruct: disrespect for the environment, force feeding of toxic foods, numerous chemtrails, excess pollution, endless wars, ultimately the undermining of humanity; it’s time to reassess our lives. When you research the details of what’s happening, you will realise that humanity is […]

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart answers the question many people are asking:- Why am I going through a crisis while I am going through this spiritual awakening. Some people are in such immense fear and feel that they are going insane and feeling out of control. that some are beginning to question their path. He states that: You simply […]

What is love

Are you one of those people who experience a lack of love, where it seems to elude you.  Does it seem to happen everywhere else and forgets about you.  If you are, and desperately trying to find love, Wayne Dyer explains why this approach doesn’t always work.  This way of thinking doesn’t follow the natural […]

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch discusses the huge problem of fear.  It is so rampant in our lives that we don’t even realise it.  There are only two ways of doing life.  It’s either love or fear and we have the capacity to transform the world if we all lived life based on love. Just imagine your […]

Story of Near Death Experience - Anita Moorjani

Anita’s is a remarkable story of her Near Death Experience (NDA) when her body was riddled with cancer tumours and was clinically declared dying.  She went through a remarkable experience of spiritual awakening and realisations. During her unconscious state, she felt her soul detach from her body and she describes how her physical body felt […]