Opposing Love

no more fear

Fear is the word which has the capacity to destroy individuals, communities and the whole of civilisation and if you look around you today, you can see a manifestation of just that. This fateful emotion has indeed taken over the hearts and souls of our civilisation. It is leading humanity down the wrong path. False […]

Could This Be The Beginning Of The End Of Civilisation?

For the last tens of thousands of years, civilisation depended upon nature to nurture, grow and feed and co-existing with animals in the wild. Human activity is the cause of the reduction in natural wild life and ecosystems.   Animals are becoming extinct, our foods and water are becoming increasingly toxic with chemicals and genetically […]

Who Owns Life - Corporations?

We are at an unprecedented time in history when huge corporations are trying to take complete control of the world’s food supply. They are doing this by taking conventional seeds, manipulating them in a laboratory (GM), patenting them and claiming it as their creation.  They then sneak it into the food supply, own it and […]

Our World Is Crying

As technology advances at breathtaking speeds, new developments, new discoveries, magnificent advances, we have the capacity to create almost anything at will and at a monumental scale.  Just shows we can literally do anything.  We choose to utilise this creativity to manipulate and destroy, to create nuclear bombs to wipe out millions at the push […]