10 Myths About Meditation


With more than seven billion minds active every moment, there are endless streams of thoughts in these minds on every aspect of creation. Some thoughts perceive reality the way it is, some are imagination, and some are simply misconceptions. While there are misconceptions and myths about many topics, one of the most popular topics is […]

Learn How To Relax To Help You Find Yourself Again

Many of us get lost in our everyday lives of getting by.  And through the quest of raising our energies, it can sometimes be hard to get to a peaceful place of relaxation.  Sometimes even meditation can be difficult if you can’t get away from that constant chattering rolling around in your head. If your […]

Discover The Many Benefits And Methods Of Meditation


As well as quieting the mind and opening up yourself to the Universe, meditation has many other benefits.  This infographic demonstrates this well, as well as the many methods of meditation. As you progress on your spiritual journey with new insights and discoveries, meditation will contribute to clarity, calmness and opening.  Here are some of […]

The Power Of Prayer


Ever since ancient civilisation, people worldwide have been praying to a higher being, a higher source or God.  This is much like having an internal dialogue with God when you start feeling some level of connection. Most of us do it to show gratitude, ask for help and to feel part of the magnificence of […]