Could This Be The Beginning Of The End Of Civilisation?

For the last tens of thousands of years, civilisation depended upon nature to nurture, grow and feed and co-existing with animals in the wild. Human activity is the cause of the reduction in natural wild life and ecosystems.


Animals are becoming extinct, our foods and water are becoming increasingly toxic with chemicals and genetically modified organisms. Now these Genetic Engineering companies such as Monsanto are taking it a step further and hell bent on claiming nature as their own for profit and control.


Where does this leave the human species in the next 50-100 years? Extinct along with all the other extinct species. If you care at all about the retention of life on this planet, then arm yourself with the knowledge of the dangers of GM foods and help spread the word to prevent this inhumane agenda.


The world is now starting to wake up to this destructive practice and these companies are starting to retract a little.  But we need more awareness to get rid of them all for good as they have no right to co-exist on planet earth.


This video details their plans to genetically engineer trees, which I see as the first step in total ownership of nature as they are granted patents for their manipulations.  The main point is, if we can allow ourselves to get to such low levels of disrespect and disregard for the earth and humanity just for greed and control, how can life really move forward.

Documentary – A Silent Forest – The Growing Threat, Genetic Engineering