Create A Sacred Space – Shut Out Distractions For A While

As you begin your spiritual journey, you will naturally seek out quiet time for contemplation, prayer or meditation, to raise your vibrational energy fields and to feel some form of grounding and connection.  If your life is particularly hectic, you will begin to crave this “down time” as it offers you opportunity for peace and reflection.  If you find it difficult to find yourself a sacred space, just get creative and seek out anywhere in your life where you can remove yourself from distractions for even half an hour.

Do you notice that oftentimes when you’re in the bath or the shower, you start to contemplate and ask yourself some meaningful questions or simply come up with new ideas.  Well you can turn your bath time into your sacred space where you dim the lights, put some candles around and burn some incense sticks or aromatherapy oils, perfect!Candles 2

Practice visiting your sacred space everyday until it becomes a habit.

Even though God (The Universe, Our Creator) is with us at all times, no matter where we are, it is important to set some time aside where your head is clear and free from distractions.  This will allow you to pray, meditate or open up yourself to enlightening moments, exploration and connection. You will begin to manifest insights and relate more to positive inspirations when you will begin to expand and come to terms with your unlimited greatness.  The reason you feel so at peace in your own chosen sacred space is that, you, yourself, is sacred and you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to connect to your power within, and the power of the universe.  It allows you to get in touch with your inner guide and invites you to pay attention to it.

Sacred Space, Seane Corn’s Pacific Coast Retreat – Super Soul Sunday

A Clutterfree And Orderly Space Is A Sacred Home