Discover The Many Benefits And Methods Of Meditation


As well as quieting the mind and opening up yourself to the Universe, meditation has many other benefits.  This infographic demonstrates this well, as well as the many methods of meditation. As you progress on your spiritual journey with new insights and discoveries, meditation will contribute to clarity, calmness and opening.

 Here are some of the benefits of meditation:

  • It strengthens the brain
  • It improves concentration, focus and productivity
  • It has a positive effect on depression, stress, anxiety, heart disease and blood pressure

These are some of the ways you can practice meditation:

  • Mindfulness Method
  • Zen Method
  • Qigong Method
  • Mantra Method

Here are more of the details below:-

Meditation Benefits InfoGraphic 2

Infographic source: istock

What do you think about meditation?
Are you going to incorporate it into your life?