Does Life Feel Like A Hoax?

Is life working for you? Do you feel there is something not quite right with the world? Do you feel that you are missing something?  You may even feel that life feels like a hoax sometimes.


When you take a step back and observe your own life, can you honestly say you are living life to the fullest, a life full of meaning, purpose and passion or are you just going through the motions and following the masses.


When you are searching for more than what life seems to offer, the next logical step is soul searching and discovering the real meaning of life.

[box] DID YOU KNOW: The word “person” means to wear a mask[/box]

There is another dimensional part of you which is left unchecked and unacknowledged, which is where all the magic happens. We are so wrapped up with the shenanigans of life that we forget the miracles of it all.  How perfect and beautiful nature thrives if left alone, how the body is capable of functioning at 100% if not interfered with by chemicals and bad lifestyle.  How animals live harmoniously if left alone in the wild.  This is an indication that something magical is happening and you are ignoring it.


When you look at how much we have been tampered and interfered with, how much our food have been poisoned, how much animals and the environment have been abused.  Chemicals and technology have led us astray and we have forgotten ourselves.


The real you lies underneath the layers of conditioning, brainwashing, toxic food and fast paced life, it’s like wading through a pile of junk just to get to yourself.


It’s so important in these modern times to come right back to basics and Remember Who You Are:: a spiritual being having a human experience. Acknowledging your spirituality and growing awareness is the only way to move forward.  If you decide to read the book Remember Who You Are by David Icke , be prepared to have an open mind as you will discover things are not as straight forward as you think.

Life Is A Hoax by Alan Watts

Can you relate to this video? Do you feel you are wearing a mask?