Eckhart Tolle – Crisis Of A Spiritual Awakening

Eckhart answers the question many people are asking:- Why am I going through a crisis while I am going through this spiritual awakening.

Some people are in such immense fear and feel that they are going insane and feeling out of control. that some are beginning to question their path.

He states that:

  • You simply have to be aware of the present moment, don’t let negative thoughts, past or present get in the way
  • Don’t believe what your mind is telling you
  • Bring your attention to the present moment, this is the exit point out of confusion
  • The present moment is always simple
  • Experience the present moment as the energy field in your body
  • Your life is one with “Now”
  • You are consciousness
  • When you stop giving attention to your thoughts, the confusion is gone

Spiritual awakening is a significant transition from one way of being to a different state of being or elevated consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle – Crisis Of A Spiritual Awakening

“Life wants to support you, but first you must be open to life”

With many of us awakening spiritually, can we state that a new species is emerging on the planet, are we heading towards a revolution?

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“The essence of who you are, is formless”

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