Explore What Life Is About And Discover Why Spiritual Awareness Is Even More Important Now Than Ever Before

Like most people, you must have wondered at some point in your life exactly what life is all about. What is the purpose of it all and what part do you play. Do you feel you are playing a significant role and do you have a reason for living? Or are you one of those people who are just happy to just live  life and not give it a second thought.  For those of us with these philosophical questions, the answers are exciting and they are displayed everywhere.

First let’s look at the most common questions:

  • What Is Life All About?
  • What Is My Purpose?
  • Why Do I Exist?
  • Who Am I?
  • Can I Make A Difference?

A Spiritual Perspective

All these questions have one thing in common and that is that the answers all have a spiritual component.  And what is so unfortunate is the fact that for most, spirituality does not get a mention during contemplation when in fact it is the most fundamental factor.  We are first and foremost, spiritual beings and we have been gifted this body here on earth to play a role. And that role once understood will bring you towards the answers.

We are here to be love, express love both to ourselves and to others, to create, co-create, live with joy and passion while creatively contributing to others. To live according to our full capacity and our divine nature.  When we are not living with these values then it will be quite hard to really move forward.

At our core we are the embodiment of pure love. Not recognising this pulls us towards a fearful existence.  Do you notice how much we abhor or feel uncomfortable around hatred and war. Do you know how much military personnel are committing suicide each day? – a huge number.  This is because hating and killing each other is contrary to our true nature.  We have been conditioned to live in fear, as fear is the opposite to love. It leaves us lost, disillusioned and confused.

Add to that a life of pure materialism, indulgence and keeping up with the Jones’s which will soon start to wear thin when these questions start creeping in.

 We Use Only  5% Of Our Brain Capacity

The monky scratchThere are many spiritual teachers with different viewpoints, but they all have one thing in common in that there is a part of us which we are not utilising. When you take into consideration the scientific research that we only use 5% capacity of our brain then it obviously indicates that we are lacking somewhat. If utilising to full capacity it will bring us closer to our greater wisdom and the knowledge of the third dimension.This is our spirit, our soul, our divine being that which connects us to our creator

We have an unutilized inner intelligence, that which when prompted will guide us towards the answers. When you ask yourself for example “What Is Life All About”, you tend to think the search has to be far and wide when the answers are displayed everywhere in nature.  Everything in nature vibrates at a certain intellectual energy and it’s there at a specific point in time and place for a specific reason, and that reason is to be respected.  Us humans on the other hand does not respect our existence enough to pay close attention to it’s greatness and in so doing has become lost.

 Awaken And Become More Of  Who You Really Are

We are only here for a very short period of time and if our lives is not expressing our true nature, then that’s when disharmony sets in and you can see this fully expressed throughout the world  Your purpose is to become more of who you really are to help co-create the harmonic energy needed to participate in the much needed synchronising of awakening and love across the world.

The reason why spiritual awareness is more important now than ever is that there has been a cosmic shift in spiritual energy where you ride with it or get left behind.  With this shift you may have noticed subtle changes in your own persona where you feel an awakening or a call to learn the truth of who you really are and questioning what life is all about.

On December 21st 2012 when everyone though the world was coming to an end was in fact the end of the old and in with the new.  The new, being worldwide spiritual awakening and a move towards who we really are. This is love, consciousness, positive energy, collaboration and creative expression which  synchronises us all with the universe and our true purpose.