Follow Your Intuition To Freedom

Following your intuition simply means paying attention to your gut instinct, that silent whisper you get from time to time which is nudging you in a particular direction. This is your inner guide (Inner-Teacher) calling on you to follow your life’s purpose. Your life will take on a whole new meaning of wisdom with drive, conviction and connectivity. With our world predominantly based on fear, love is needed more now than ever, and as humans, we default to pure love, your inner guide will encourage you to demonstrate your divine greatness.

When you have found yourself lost in life and keep wondering what your purpose is and what is the meaning of life, then paying attention to your inner guide will bring you closer to your answers as you begin to align yourself with the universe. You may get signs and omens throughout the day such as through an unexpected visitor, an article you come across, a book, the first word you hear on waking or just a sudden epiphany moment of deep understanding through your meditation practice. ¬†Only you, will be able to decipher your personal messages, so be actively aware of them. You will be amazed at what comes to you, it’s like your own personal conversation with God (The Universe).

And through the rapid movement of life, it’s important to ‘catch the wave’, so you could take the next step and move on. Aldous Huxley once said “Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement”.

When you have set yourself a positive goal which is aligned with your true being and purpose, you will move with grace and ease knowing that you are not alone. And the good thing is that when you are truly aligned, you could even feel God’s presence or an angel looking out for you. This is when you will become fearless and really blissful on your journey.

And the real miracles start to happen during this movement, when you are not stagnant, but constantly moving like a waterfall, just like all life, the universe, everything. This is not just in a physical sense but your mental shift and awakening of consciousness which is limitless. Setbacks and obstacles you encounter along the way serves only as lessons from which to learn from.

Here, David Icke re-iterates the importance of getting in touch with your genius self:

David Icke – The Road To Freedom (The One Great Spirit)