How To Connect To Your Spirit

Do you feel lost and disconnected? Do you feel that something is missing? Is your life kind of flat?


These are the feelings you get when you are not in touch with your spirit.  We are all spiritual beings on a human journey.  And when we don’t recognise that and don’t connect to this greatness, that’s when life gets a bit stuck.


To get connected you need to become aware of your intuition.  This is your inner guide, those gut feelings that directs you in certain directions and shows you what actions to take in your life.  Do you listen to them or let them pass you by.  Furthermore, are you aware that they are there for you as a guide for your life’s path.

 Your Teacher Is Within You

Intuition means you inner teacher.  And your teacher, your spirit lies within you.  It’s your power source that makes your heart beat and keeps your body alive.  Every day it sends you messages, soft whispers in your ear, and guides you toward your path.


It’s for you to recognize this, walk your own path and be true to yourself, the true essence of you. Understand that your dreams and your visions are your own personal calling.  And it’s for you to pay attention to them so you can begin to feel a sense of connection and belonging.


Understand your deep connection to nature and the universe.  That you are part of a greater whole.

You Are A Ball Of Abundant Energy 

Understand that you are an energetic ball of infinite abundance.  You have a reservoir of eternal energy that lies deep within you. If you can imagine an iceberg with the majority of it’s core buried deep beneath the surface, but all you see is the rippling at the top.  You are what is buried beneath the surface.  And what is beneath the surface is the real you.  The high vibrational, loving you. The accepting, calm, knowing you, who is always fully alive and at great peace.


When you observe yourself and your life, all you see is the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface lies 85% of you, you acknowledge Iceberg1only 15% of yourself. And your daily actions caters for the needs of this tiny 15%, leaving below the surface neglected. This is your source.  To get in touch with your source you have to meditate, tune out life’s distractions for a while and acknowledge it’s existence. And aim to live your life in acceptance and acknowledgement.


Scientists have concluded that we only use 10% of our brain capacity. Well, the analogy of the iceberg shows you why. You are the whole iceberg but you operate from only the visible part of you sitting on the surface.


Beneath the surface lies your true essence, the real you which is a part of the universe, the you in all it’s greatness, abundance and perfection.

We Are Connected To The Whole Of The Universe 

You have energetic roots that connects you to the whole of the universe.  Much like the roots of a tree.  The roots are embedded into the ground which gets it’s nourishment from deep within the core of the earth which is heated by the sun.  The sun absorbs the stale carbon dioxide we breath out and the tree breathes out fresh clean oxygen which we in turn breath in.  Without which we would not survive.


We are in a symbiotic dance with the greatness of the universe and we are in it together.  The body is merely passing through and when the body goes, the real you – your spirit – still remains.  It just moves on to it’s next phase.


Another way to get connected is to spend as much time as possible in nature.  Get out amongst the grass, the trees, the wildlife, the fresh clean air. We are all a part of this miracle.