How To Listen To Your Intuition


In the Clouds

Paying attention to your intuition is a fundamental part of your spiritual growth.  Intuition (Inner Teacher) is your ability to have a relationship with your subconscious and your ability to pay attention to it’s teachings through signs, omens and messages it gives you throughout your day. This is one of the most powerful ways to stay connected to your higher power. It’s a direct connection point between your spirit and your mind. It’s much like a satnav, guiding you to move your life in certain directions.

Intuition is sometimes referred to as ‘gut feeling’, ‘instinct’, ‘sixth sense’ or ‘inner voice’. And it disregards the reasoning of the left brain and links you straight to your spirit (your higher power). Whenever you feel an urge or a pull towards something, which may or may not seem logical, that’s you intuition sending you a message. And it’s there for you to pay attention and act on it.

Here is an example of intuition at work:

An old friend, Sam, called Rebecca after years of no contact. Logically, she was thinking, “I haven’t heard from him in years, I’m not wasting my time going to his birthday party”. But her instincts kept telling you to just go to that party. So she decided to follow her instincts, she went to the party and was pleasantly surprised to see her old friend, Angela, from high school who she lost contact with when she moved away. She then re-united her friendship and they remained close friends ever since.

If she didn’t pay attention to her intuition, this outcome would never have happened.


Listen and act on what your inner voice is telling you. It moves through your brain very quickly, so write it down in your journal. Though sometimes it reminds you repeatedly. Don’t attach any logic or reasoning behind it, just go with it. Test it out for a while. Or perhaps do a 90 day Intuition Challenge.