Learn How To Relax To Help You Find Yourself Again

Many of us get lost in our everyday lives of getting by.  And through the quest of raising our energies, it can sometimes be hard to get to a peaceful place of relaxation.  Sometimes even meditation can be difficult if you can’t get away from that constant chattering rolling around in your head.

If your life is filled with ‘To do’s’ and you’re running around reacting to situations, then its more important than ever to have your ‘wind down’ and relaxation time   Try to make it at least 1/2 hour every day.

If you are far from nature and cooped up in a box then these videos are fantastic substitutes for the real thing.  Observe the miracles of nature, how it thrives synergistically and perfectly without any interference from us.  When you observe the extent to which we as humans have been tampered with, controlled, labelled and told how to live our lives, you will begin to see why spirituality is so important.  It forces you to reconnect to the real you, the divine you, the natural you.  Allows you to express yourself through harmony, love and light just as nature intended.
Spiritual Flute: The Beauty Of Nature

Dedicate a particular time each day, which is your sacred time.  Put it on schedule like 8pm each evening when you commit to meditation or simply relaxation time. There may be particular music or sounds which brings you back to the sanctuary of yourself.  You may find a particular environment brings about feelings of peace.  For me, the sounds of rustling trees, running water and singing birds brings about  feelings of freedom and tranquility.

Relaxation Music – Chinese Bamboo Flute Yoga – Meditation Natural Sounds

This would be a perfect time for visualisation and positive thinking.  Watching these videos will allow you space for contemplation and calm reflection of your life.  Be the observer of your life and see what you can do for yourself to go with the flow of nature.  Nature is symbolic of infinity and infinity is a direct reflection of your capabilities.