Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch discusses the huge problem of fear.  It is so rampant in our lives that we don’t even realise it.  There are only two ways of doing life.  It’s either love or fear and we have the capacity to transform the world if we all lived life based on love. Just imagine your […]

Story of Near Death Experience - Anita Moorjani

Anita’s is a remarkable story of her Near Death Experience (NDA) when her body was riddled with cancer tumours and was clinically declared dying.  She went through a remarkable experience of spiritual awakening and realisations. During her unconscious state, she felt her soul detach from her body and she describes how her physical body felt […]

Does Life Feel Like A Hoax?

Is life working for you? Do you feel there is something not quite right with the world? Do you feel that you are missing something?  You may even feel that life feels like a hoax sometimes.   When you take a step back and observe your own life, can you honestly say you are living […]

Could This Be The Beginning Of The End Of Civilisation?

For the last tens of thousands of years, civilisation depended upon nature to nurture, grow and feed and co-existing with animals in the wild. Human activity is the cause of the reduction in natural wild life and ecosystems.   Animals are becoming extinct, our foods and water are becoming increasingly toxic with chemicals and genetically […]

The Top 101 Spiritual Teachers FREE eBook


Download the FREE ‘Top 101 Spiritual Teachers Who Help Us On Our Journey’ Let Your Journey Begin Here Discover How To Grow Spiritually Get Started With The Most Inspirational Teachers Explore The Real You Discover What It Really Means To Be spiritual What Are The Practical Steps You Can Do To Move Forward Enter Your […]

Learn How To Relax To Help You Find Yourself Again

Many of us get lost in our everyday lives of getting by.  And through the quest of raising our energies, it can sometimes be hard to get to a peaceful place of relaxation.  Sometimes even meditation can be difficult if you can’t get away from that constant chattering rolling around in your head. If your […]

Who Am I Really, What Is My Purpose?

It comes a point in your life when you start to ask yourself some serious soul searching questions. Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Is My Purpose? Why Do I Exist? Am I Part of Something Much Bigger Than Myself? Is There Something I Don’t Know? These questions usually start to arise within […]

5 Ways To Raise Consciousness

We have entered a time of great change, where more people are asking questions.  Questions such as ‘Why am I here?”, “Does God really exists?” “Can I really grow spiritual amongst all the chaos and distractions in my life?” These questions demand answers and they will appear before you as if by magic. Strengthening your […]