Starting Your Spiritual Journey

As you move through your journey, all the answers will start miraculously appearing.  It’s not about rigidly reading and believing some text book, but more about your own understanding, evolution and transformation.  As you move through and remain steadfast in your quest for knowledge and growth, your answers will become clear and you will start to have epiphany moments. The truth is everywhere, believe it or not, and the answers will start to manifest as you are moving through.  Your mind has to be embracing and open.


We are all spiritual beings, so it’s not like something we have to go find which is outside of ourselves.  It is already within us, it’s a matter of digging deep within and bringing it out to the surface.  With this fast pace modern society and all it’s distractions and advanced communication technologies, we have to make an effort to cut through the clutter and allow time for quiet and contemplation.


You will start to crave solitary moments to allow for your connection to God (Universe, The Mother, Source), much like a “sacred space” where you spend time alone to open up and connect.  This may be a place in nature, a spot in your home or even the garden at work, anywhere where you could find peace, solitude and a pleasing environment.  Some people experience signs that they’re starting to awaken, you may recognise one or a few of these:

10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

When you relax, open up your soul and expand your mind to all possibilities, then you will begin to appreciate the miracles of life.  The magnificence of the universe, the miracles of the human body.  Everything is a blessing, and things which don’t appear a blessing right now, is just a lesson from which to learn from and grow (much like a blessing in disguise).  Whenever you come across hardships or sorrows, it’s the universe’s cue to you to manifest growth and change.  Our very being, the environment and the universe revolves around change.  We are in a constant state of change, we cannot recreate even ‘one second’, no matter how hard we try, that second is gone, never to return.  So the circumstances you find yourself in right now does not have to be your reality in the future, your inner guide will show you where to go.