Story of Near Death Experience – Anita Moorjani

Anita’s is a remarkable story of her Near Death Experience (NDA) when her body was riddled with cancer tumours and was clinically declared dying.  She went through a remarkable experience of spiritual awakening and realisations.

During her unconscious state, she felt her soul detach from her body and she describes how her physical body felt insignificant in comparison to that of her spiritual being.  During this state she had feelings of lightness, peace, love and belonging.  So, for those of us who wonder what it’s like on the other side, this is certainly very insightful.

She states that there is nothing to fear about death and that life is a gift to express love and to be lived with joy and passion.  She stresses how important it is just to be yourself and live life without fear.

Miraculously, all her tumours disappeared and she is now free from cancer.  Listen to her story in the video below.

What an incredible story.  Her book explains in more detail.