10 Myths About Meditation


With more than seven billion minds active every moment, there are endless streams of thoughts in these minds on every aspect of creation. Some thoughts perceive reality the way it is, some are imagination, and some are simply misconceptions. While there are misconceptions and myths about many topics, one of the most popular topics is […]

What Is Meditation And How To Practice It

Meditation which simply means to quieten the mind and allowing time to connect to your true self and to your source.  A powerful grounding practice. It brings about feelings of belonging as you get a sense of your own greatness which you can only really fully appreciated and understand when distractions are cast aside and […]

Create A Sacred Space - Shut Out Distractions For A While

As you begin your spiritual journey, you will naturally seek out quiet time for contemplation, prayer or meditation, to raise your vibrational energy fields and to feel some form of grounding and connection.  If your life is particularly hectic, you will begin to crave this “down time” as it offers you opportunity for peace and […]