The Power Of Prayer


Ever since ancient civilisation, people worldwide have been praying to a higher being, a higher source or God.  This is much like having an internal dialogue with God when you start feeling some level of connection. Most of us do it to show gratitude, ask for help and to feel part of the magnificence of our God. Quite frequently prayers are answered and may come  in the form of a miracle.


Praying brings you closer to your true self, as this is found deep within.  When you go deep and pray, you come to the realisation that this world is just a tiny part of a much bigger entity.  When praying on a continuous basis the feeling of connection is Praying handimmense and is cumulative.   Many religions pray in groups and collaborate with the live energy of each other.


For many who do not feel a connection with God, may feel that praying is just a waste of time.  You will be able to sense this for yourself:- does your energy feel high or do you feel deflated when praying.  Your feeling may fluctuate over time, but eventually when your relationship with God deepens, praying will have more of a significant meaning.


Many a time, people just carry out their family tradition of prayer, just for the sake of it.  But when there is no conviction and a weak belief, there is no-one listening.


To get to grips with praying, it’s important to understand that this is not a complicated difficult task, but merely an internal or vocal expression of your own personal dialogue with God.


Here is a simple Prayer taken from the Bible (Psalm 51:10-13)

Transcending Man with prayer

How To Pray

You can pray just by simple ‘internal talking’ where you call upon God’s name and begin your dialogue.

You can drop to your knees and clasp hands together, eyes closed, head tilted upwards.

You can simply be sitting in a comfortable position, eyes closed, no distractions.

You may have a sacred space in your home with comfy cushions and candle lights


What To Say

Just speak whatever is on your mind, express gratitude and willingness to progress in God’s favour. Speak of your wishes to do good, to love, to learn and to grow.  What you say is personal to you and you would start to get feedback in the form of omens or signs.  You may sense that your prayers have been heard.  It’s a beautiful thing!


Where To Pray

You can pray anywhere you feel comfortable.  It could be by your bedside each night, it could be during or after meditation or you could be sitting in traffic.  Many pray in groups or congregations when at a place of worship or simple ‘get togethers’


While moving through your spiritual journey, you will find praying to be an integral part.  The power is not in the prayer itself but in the manifestation and realisation of your greatness and that of the universe through prayer.