Wayne Dyer Defines Love

Are you one of those people who experience a lack of love, where it seems to elude you.  Does it seem to happen everywhere else and forgets about you.  If you are, and desperately trying to find love, Wayne Dyer explains why this approach doesn’t always work.  This way of thinking doesn’t follow the natural laws of the universe.  You have to start by loving yourself first and not attach yourself to finding it.  Just concentrate on your own personal passions, growth and enlightenment until love finds it’s way to.

  • “The key to real love is not seeking it but being it”
  • “You receive in life what you align with”
  • “You get what you think about”
  • “The aim is to love as God does”
  • “Match your thoughts and behaviour to that of your source”
  • “Originate from a space of spirit which is defined by love”
  • “Only the loving find love and they don’t have to seek it”
  • “Love defines the source from which we came”

Beautiful words spoken from Dr Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer Speaks Of Love – Being In Balance

God/The universe/The Devine works in mysterious ways which aligns with vibrational frequencies and the law of attraction.

Daily Affirmation – “Holy Spirit, guide me now”