What Is Meditation And How To Practice It

Meditation which simply means to quieten the mind and allowing time to connect to your true self and to your source.  A powerful grounding practice. It brings about feelings of belonging as you get a sense of your own greatness which you can only really fully appreciated and understand when distractions are cast aside and you can just “BE”.  This is an important step in self exploration and appreciation of the magnificence of the universe. To be still and in the PRESENT moment.


Most religions across the world, Buddhist, Muslims, Hindus and Christians participate in meditation, so it is quite universal in it’s scope, and as there are similarities between each religion, there are similarities in the practice of meditation.  Meditation is a practice that does not have any religious affiliations, though the first people who started this practice were the Buddhists and Hindus. It is now becoming very much mainstream as we begin to awaken and start to pay attention to our spirituality.


If you can meditate everyday for long periods of time and get into a strong vibrational force of consciousness and awareness, you may experience what is called transcending.  This is the ultimate in energy shift aligning you with your creator and the cosmos.  You will feel part of a bigger picture, like a blissful synchronicity with the universe. Though it is usually the well advanced and experienced meditators who reach this stage of transcending, it is still very much possible for you.


Meditation serves to highten your relationship with God (The Universe, The Mother), gives thanks, gratitude and respect just like an extended silent prayer.


So, you can see, the effects of meditation is cumulative. Make it a habit of practicing everyday for at least half hour. It can be in your sacred space at home, a garden, park, canal side or anywhere that you feel comfortable and at peace.

How To Meditate

When you start getting serious with your meditation, you may enjoy this relaxing, contemplative music, which will assist you in being ‘PRESENT’:-

Meditation by Zen Music