What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the recognition and practice of nurturing the soul, the sacred and most important entity of human existence.  It has no specific religious affiliations as it forms part of all human beings whatever the beliefs.  It cannot be claimed or owned as it is an unseen mystical cosmic dimensional entity embodying every human being.

It’s interesting to note a definition of spirituality found on the internet which states: “property or income owned by the church”.  An outrageously laughable statement as spirituality is not a commodity that can be owned by anyone or anything! Every one of us is a spiritual being.

Spiritual awareness is to be developed and nurtured in order to get to know our true self, to discover who we really are, and to re-instate our connection to source (God, The Universe, The Mother, Holy Spirit).  It represents a way of life which embodies, love, peace, light and connection to nature which in turn opposes fear, hate, selfishness and abominations.

Greatness Of The Holy Spirit

Spirituality calls to live a life influenced by the Holy Spirit (God, The Universe, The Mother) to make inner positive changes, to embrace the powerful greatness of oneself and the universe, to move forward on a path of gracious knowing, love, peace and without fear.

Spirituality reflects the immense greatness of the individual which in turn works in synch with the collective.  It offers hope where hopelessness prevails and gives direction, purpose and meaning to our very existence.

Growing spiritually enhances all of life’s endeavours as you will be coming from a place of positivity, knowing, belonging and with love.