What Is The Connection Between The Food You Eat And Spiritual Growth?

When the body is clogged, full of toxins and fighting with junk food, it spends all it’s energy trying to digest it trying hard to protect it from ruin. There is not enough energy left over for your body to really get to work on what’s really important, which is keeping the body healthy, vibrant and open for raising consciousness and divinity. Your spiritual growth will become stunted with energetic blockages which will be hard to shift if the diet and the toxins are not cleaned up.


Firstly, all junk food should be resigned to where it belongs – in the bin!  It’s not called junk for nothing, take heed of that word.  And any bad relationship you have with food should also be seriously addressed.

To help raise your spiritual vibration a diet filled with huge amounts of fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and some fish should be the main staple. A very simple diet. These raw alkalising foods which is filled with nature’s vibrational high energetic enzymes will awaken your soul and supercharge your physical wellbeing.


With our toxic food and environment, it’s important to engage in periodic cleanses such as juice fasting, water fasting or colon cleansing . This will relieve the burden of the body and allow your body to raise it’s energetic vibration.

In this video Drunvalo Melchizedek explains The Importance of Food Combining, Exercise and the Relationship to Spirituality.

In this video Ra Imhotep explains The Spiritual Benefits of Eating Alkaline Food

Once a large amount of the toxins are removed from your body and you continue to clean up your diet, your pineal gland will start to become active. This is the tiny gland in your brain responsible for spiritual alertness. The more clean and fresh your body and mind is, the higher your spiritual vibration.

When you are operating at a high energetic frequency and you are ready, your pineal gland will be springing to life and your consciousness will be vibrating at the highest level. Your body, mind and soul works holistically together and nothing is separated from the purpose of your soul.