What is ‘The Flow State’?

The Flow State is a conscious state of recognising the PRESENT and allowing it to be constantly happy.

This info graphic by Mindvalley shows the importance of being happy right NOW.  Not once you’ve reached your goals, acquired a certain thing or relationship.  Happiness is in the journey, not the destination, and being in this state of happiness is how the destination comes about.  When you are in constant knowing and trust in the Divine, that your goals will soon move into reality, you will take on a state of certainty and happiness propelling you along. This is called ‘The Flow State’ and should be your constant state of being.  This is having the ultimate trust in the Universe.

This infographic is based on a speech by Vishen Lakhiani entitled “Why Happiness is The New Productivity”

From http://mindvalleyacademy.com 

The Theory of Awesomeness Infographic

Vishen successfully exposes the secret to human potential and how we can easily ‘tap in’ to create a more desirable life while utilising our supreme creativity.


1. You have to be happy in the NOW

2. You have to have a vision of the future

3. You have to be spiritually aware

4. You have to keep yourself in a constant state of FLOW

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