Who Am I Really, What Is My Purpose?

It comes a point in your life when you start to ask yourself some serious soul searching questions.

  • Who Am I?
  • Why Am I Here?
  • What Is My Purpose?
  • Why Do I Exist?
  • Am I Part of Something Much Bigger Than Myself?
  • Is There Something I Don’t Know?

These questions usually start to arise within you when you start to look around you and say to yourself “Is This It?”

When these questions start bubbling, they never go away until your intuition starts to point you in the right direction when everything starts to become clearer and these questions start to somehow manifest an answer.

Love, Giving And Contribution

This is the spirit in you arising and begging to be discovered and bubbling to the surface of your very being.  Your body is just a vehicle or temple of which to hold your spirit for a short period of time in order for it to go through an experience.  This experience goes through trials and tribulations but ultimately the aim is to experience joy, express compassion, love and contribution.  This is the human body which has a duty to show gratitude in order to thrive to enable it to function at it’s best.  And when it’s functioning at it’s best, it is fulfilling it’s life’s purpose.  And this life’s purpose will always involve love, joy, giving, contribution and making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

Mahatma Gandhi

A perfect example of someone living their life’s purpose is Mahatma Gandhi who went on a fearless, peaceful mission of righteousness and the highest consciousness.  He demonstrated courage, relentless resolve while utilising the highest ultimate aid of his spirit.  What he had accomplished is nothing short of a miracle and an excellent demonstration of the infinite capabilities within us all.

Raise Your Consciousness

The human body itself has it’s limitations and it’s time short, but the spirit of which it encases is capable of miracles and it’s time is infinite.  With this knowledge, those all important questions you keep asking yourself will get answered.  They will come through when you realise your greatness, when you don’t allow past and current conditioning to hold you back and you tap into the vastness of the universe. When you participate in practices which allow you to contemplate, grow and raise your consciousness, such as meditation, prayer, abstaining from junk food, mass media and TV.  Observing other spiritual aware people will also assist you in your growth. These are good starting points and will tilt you towards your answers.

You Are A Miracle

If you look at the miracles of the human body, how it came into being, how it grows and thrives without the need for external helpers, is a perfect testament to who you are – a miracle, a part of the infinite.  We as humans even with our advanced technologies cannot create such a miracle, but at the same time being miracles ourselves we can live a miraculous life in it’s honour.

We have the potential to fully utilise our great beingness to create our own miracles just like Mahatma Gandhi.  From that viewpoint all your answers will present itself to you as you move through your journey. It will be peppered with awakenings, realisations, aha moments and synchronicities as you begin to discover and enlighten your connection to your source, God, (The Divine, The Universe, The Creator) whatever you want to call her.  Use the miracle within you.

“Seek and ye shall find”

It is already there within you!