Who Owns Life – Corporations?

We are at an unprecedented time in history when huge corporations are trying to take complete control of the world’s food supply. They are doing this by taking conventional seeds, manipulating them in a laboratory (GM), patenting them and claiming it as their creation.  They then sneak it into the food supply, own it and make huge profits.

We are having debates about whether GM foods should be labelled or not, but the real questions are:

  • Should corporations own life?
  • Do we want monopolistic chemical corporations solely responsible for our survival?
  • Should they be able to patent (own, control and profit from) God’s creation?
  • Who gets to benefit from this affront to our very survival?
  • Why is this necessary?
  • Why should they be able to sneak it in, undetected, untested and uncontrolled?
  • Should we lose food sovereignty?
  • Should we be destroying real seeds and biodiversity?
  • Should we be involuntary guinea pigs?

These questions should be addressed as they are relentlessly picking off countries one by one as they ruthlessly pursue their agenda of  full control across the world.

On top of that we have the so called ‘philanthropists’ with huge pockets supporting and promoting the worldwide spread of GE foods, it seems as though we are fighting a losing battle.

If you have children, just imagine a world with no natural food provided to them from the Universe, no biodiversity, no real nutritious food, no choices but the chemical foods made from a laboratory controlled by a couple of corporations.  Would you be happy for your children to be living in a world like that!

Playing God

Just imagine being able to create a product in a laboratory, patent it, sneak it into food, claim it as yours and make a hefty profit.  Brilliant – but to play God like this with humanity, is the most despicable crime known to man.  It’s even worse than war.

When we get to a stage where only a handful of corporations determine whether we live or die can only lead to disaster.

  • They would be able to control food prices
  • Decide who in the world gets access to food
  • Destroy the natural  genetic make up of our food
  • Disregard the negative impact on our bodies
  • Ability to use food as a biological weapon
  • Ability to alter the genetic makeup of humans
  • Ability to initiate pandemics
  • Ability to create new diseases

There is no governing body overseeing this demise or protecting the public.  In reality, you can say that we really haven’t got a government because officials are all paid off by corporations, they are all in it together.  We pay our taxes and we get no returns.  What a predicament we are in!

Being spiritually awakened is more important now than ever, as this level of evil serves as a wakeup call to humanity.

One part of the genetic engineering is the terminator seeds, which means they are made to be infertile, they cannot reproduce and therefore new seeds will have to be bought over and over again, providing ownership and steady profits for the conglomerates.  They are already talking about food shortage and this is certainly setting the stage.

This plight serves as an illustration of a much bigger picture, that we need to be wakened from our slumber and start searching deep within.  Observing the scope of evil here on this earth should serve as a catalyst for individual and collective spiritual awakening.

Genetic Roulette movie trailer (a short clip from the full movie exposing the dangers of GM foods)