How To Listen To Your Intuition

  Paying attention to your intuition is a fundamental part of your spiritual growth.  Intuition (Inner Teacher) is your ability to have a relationship with your subconscious and your ability to pay attention to it’s teachings through signs, omens and messages it gives you throughout your day. This is one of the most powerful ways […]

Back To Nature

Do you feel lost and disconnected? Do you feel that something is missing? Is your life kind of flat?   These are the feelings you get when you are not in touch with your spirit.  We are all spiritual beings on a human journey.  And when we don’t recognise that and don’t connect to this […]

What is 'The Flow State'?

The Flow State is a conscious state of recognising the PRESENT and allowing it to be constantly happy. This info graphic by Mindvalley shows the importance of being happy right NOW.  Not once you’ve reached your goals, acquired a certain thing or relationship.  Happiness is in the journey, not the destination, and being in this […]

The Top 10 Most Influential Spiritual Teachers

There are many spiritual teachers all over the world, just springing up to help you move forward in your spiritual journey.  As our own journeys are personal and unique to us, there is no ‘one size fits all’ and each one of these teachers can offer golden nuggets which synchronises well with you and bring […]

10 Myths About Meditation


With more than seven billion minds active every moment, there are endless streams of thoughts in these minds on every aspect of creation. Some thoughts perceive reality the way it is, some are imagination, and some are simply misconceptions. While there are misconceptions and myths about many topics, one of the most popular topics is […]

How To Cleanse Your Own Soul

Your soul is supposed to be perfect and divine. So why would you need to cleanse anything made from divine substance? Isn’t your perfect essence beyond the need for fixing or cleaning? Well, it depends how you define Perfection. Consider how your soul essence has experience after experience, lifetime after lifetime. Every experience leaves its […]