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About Discovering Spirituality

All you need to know

What is

Discovering Spirituality is a website, written with heart, experiences and honest search.  It is a place, where you can find interesting information and answers to your questions about spirituality, crystals, mind, body, health, and much more.

Why do we do this?

Healing crystals, spirituality, mental health and beliefs are all very powerful and lots of people care about them. However, not everybody knows spiritual benefits on health and life quality. Not everybody realizes that our faith, our mind or our body are all connected and that crystals for example are a perfect way to become closer with your spirit and help bring good things to your life. For that reason we decided to spread the word and share our knowledge and beliefs with the whole world.

Where do we find information?

All our content is written by professionals, who carefully search the internet, write down all interesting articles and intemplate experiences – theirs and others. We are trying our best in bringing interesting and informatively correct articles, so you, our readers, can just enjoy receiving information about stuff that you care about.

Our Authors

Picture of Jennifer Telfer
Jennifer Telfer

I'm a fun, personable writer who is deeply spiritual and genuinely curious about healing Spiritual practices. I believe in the energy crystals contain. My girls and I use them in our healing ceremonies and retreats! In the past couple of years, I have strayed away from traditional evangelical Christianity and started exploring how Spirit moves in other ways. I've been blown away!

Picture of Emily Marie Concannon
Emily Marie Concannon

I’m Emily and I am someone who has had a personal relationship with crystals and the energy around us. It has helped me overcome several of my greatest struggles in life. I have a vast understanding of crystals and their connection to the chakras, as well as tarot reading and birth charts and I love the opportunity to share these experiences with others.

Picture of Emily Hrenchir
Emily Hrenchir

My name is Emily and I believe in the healing power of crystals, herbs, oils, and spirituality in general. I have many books on these topics and more, all related to spiritaulity. Personally, I associate myself with Paganism, focusing on respect for and connection with the natural world. Due to these things, I am very comfortable writing about topics related to spirituality.

Picture of Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor

I’m Sharon and I’ve been connected to spirituality almost my whole life. I love being connected to nature, as I believe that there is an energy in everything around us. I use crystals practically for everything, as they help me bring happiness and balance to life. Spirituality is a part of my being. I love nature, meditation, yoga, crystals, tarot, and living a balanced life.