The Top 10 Most Influential Spiritual Teachers

There are many spiritual teachers all over the world, just springing up to help you move forward in your spiritual journey. As our own journeys are personal and unique to us, there is no ‘one size fits all’ and each one of these teachers can offer golden nuggets which synchronizes well with you and bring about ‘aha’ moments.

We are all our own teachers but they offer a huge range of support and knowledge to facilitate growth.

Go through the list, check out their websites and books and prepare to be enlightened. Here is a list of only 10 of them, you could also download the Top 101 Spiritual Teachers by signing up on the right.

10 Most Influential Spiritual Teachers

1st place

Micheal Bernard Beckwith

Website: Agape Live

Micheal traveled across the world to take in the teachings from both the East and the West in both modern and ancient concepts. His vision slowly began shaping into one of a universal truth that transcended religious denominations and encompassed the true wisdom of spirituality. Beckwith is a teacher in many areas. He teaches affirmative prayer, meditation and how to connect with your spiritual self. He has written many books including: Life Visioning

2nd place

Panache Desai

Website: Panache Desai

Panache always felt different from everyone around him. From a very early age he felt a deep sense of love and kindness that was unusual for a person that was so young. As he grew older and reached his last year of college he felt drawn to leave behind everything in his material world. He spent time in a retreat of prayer and meditation. His life shifted and he realised that he was a completely different person from when he entered the retreat. He began soaking up the knowledge of well respected spiritual teachers and then began his own teaching quest.

3rd place

Wayne Dyer

Website: Dr Wayne Dyer

Dyer’s motivational speaking engagements focused heavily on positive thinking and he attracted many people to his lectures; especially students. The more popular he became, the more self-help books he wrote. For quite a while, Dyer resisted what he now feels was his true calling – spiritual work. For so long he avoided being tagged as a spiritual teacher but finally gave into what he now says is his calling.Book: Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering The Art of Manifesting which takes you on a voyage of discovery, tapping into your amazing manifesting powers.

4th place

Jean Houston

Website: Jean Houston

Houston’s biggest step towards a greater form of spirituality came in the form of the Mystery School. Beginning in 1984, she taught seminars that were based upon concepts of ancient schools of thought and offered specialized training for people who desired knowledge that would help further their own search for spirituality. There are many seminars, all at different levels of experience and knowledge that are open to anyone who wishes to learn from Houston’s teachings. She has written many books including The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons From Oz and The Possible Human

5th place

Dalai Lama

Website: Dalai Lama

As the head monk of the Buddhist order, Gyatso was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1989. He is well loved and known for his advocacy for the Tibetan people living both inside and outside of the region. Freeing Tibet has been one of his lifelong goals. He has served as the Dali Lama since 1950 when he was but 15 years old. The spiritual work and views of the Dali Lama are shared by many people, whether they are religious or not. This is because his points of view encompass the human condition as a whole and does not focus on simply one belief system

He wrote many books including:The Art of Happiness, Beyond Religion, How To See Yourself As You Really Are

6th place

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Website: Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara has been credited with introducing the futurist concept into society. Due to her spiritual beliefs she has been referred to as “the voice for conscious evolution of our time.” These words come from other notable spiritualists such as Deepak Chopra. Hubbard and her teachings are also the main basis for a new book being written with another spiritual teacher Neale Donald Walsch. (Birth 2012 and Beyond)

Hubbard’s teachings and ideas were so popular that she was on the short list for the democratic party’s nomination for vice president in 1984. Her political vision included not a war room, but a peace room to make better connections with other countries and open up better lines of communication.

She wrote many books including Conscious Evolution; and Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanities Great Shift To The Age of Conscious Evolution

7th place

Eckhart Tolle

Website: Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart awakened spiritually after a spell of depression which forged a new career in spiritual teaching. His teachings mix with both the spirit and the theory of evolution. Tolle never identifies himself with religion which he considers to be manmade, instead focusing on spirit where real happiness could be found, nurtured and loved. He follows his own divine path and shares what he has personally discovered on his journey. He has written many books which includes: A New Earth and The Power of Now.

8th place

James Van Praagh

Website: Van Praagh

From an early age Praagh was fascinated with death. This interest lead him to the conclusion that he was meat to serve God and he has done so ever since he can recall.

Praagh is a pioneer in his field and his teaching and wisdom has reached all across the world. Praagh has been given several awards for his dedication to helping the planet’s consciousness to change; his messages bringing peace, solace and spiritual insights. What he has had to share with the world has helped in changing the view of millions of people when it comes to life and death.

His many books includes: Unfinished Business and Talking To Heaven

9th place

Neale Donald Walsch

Website: Neale Donald Walsch

Walsch’s most famous book is Conversations With God. This book helped to redefine God and religion is a way that was never before looked at. He explains that God does not want anything from us. In his opinion, God is pantheistic. This vision of God is inclusive of all belief systems that help each spiritual path become more unified. Through this book and its teachings, Walsch states that we can all become one with God and communicate openly with him and all mankind. Though this understanding of God, he developed the movement known as Humanity’s Team. The purpose of the organization is to spread the word about this new spiritual movement so that the entire world can share in what God has to offer and what we all have to offer each other. His other books include What God Said and The Only Thing That Matters 

10th place

Marianne Williamson

Website: Marianne

Williamson is a world renowned spiritual teacher who has written many books, four of which made it to the New York Times bestseller list. She has based her beliefs and teachings on another well-known piece of work – A Course in Miracles. She summarized this huge book and created the book A Return To Love. This book is a program of self-study that is based on universal themes and contains no religious dogma or doctrine. This program helped Williamson develop her own spiritual theme that included her belief that no matter how many wounds we have, or how deep they run, they can be healed through the power we all have in our hearts.

Williamson’s collection of published books includes, Illuminata, The Age of Miracles, and most recently, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles. Her spiritual works do not end with penning books. She is now on a mission to bring much needed humanitarian consciousness and love into politics by running for Congress: – Time to celebrate a new beginning! – She might just be the ‘Gandhi‘ of our modern times.

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