Fear – Does It Have To Rule The World?

Fear is the word which has the capacity to destroy individuals, communities and the whole of civilisation and if you look around you today, you can see a manifestation of just that.

This fateful emotion has indeed taken over the hearts and souls of our civilisation.

It is leading humanity down the wrong path.



As you see in the acronym above, fear is not even real, yet humanity has wrapped itself firmly around it.

When we have a world where individuals are not living their full potential.  Many don’t even know who they are, are petrified of stepping out into their greatness. Some have issues with self-esteem, phobias, drink and drug problems, depression, forever living in the past or the future and forever holding onto mental blockages.  This type of life is where love does not exist.

Where we have a dark entity residing in fear then civilisation will take a turn in the wrong direction, which we can see very clearly today.  We will stay that way until there is a return to humility, a return to real love and respect.  We have governments of this world out of control and pre-occupied with wars for obscure corrupt agendas, garnishing the sacrifice of military personnel and civilians for it’s own ends. Where is the love? It’s time for the power hungry men to step aside and allow feminine power to take over this destructive paradigm we have created.

Civilisation is in a drastic need of a turnaround.  With this masculine power struggle, constant fighting, excessive greed and control, disrespect for humanity and the environment, this world is going to need a lot of help to survive the next 50 years.

  • Could we manifest enough love to pull through?
  • Will enough people wake up from their slumber?
  • Will they remember their sacred place on this earth?
  • Will we be able to get rid of this masculine power struggle ruining the earth?
  • Can we return to love?
  • Will we have a much needed revolution?

Time will tell.

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