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Is There A Connection Between Creativity And Spirituality?

Did you know that expressing any form of creativity helps you to become more spiritually aware. We are all creative beings whether we are aware of it or not. It is not confined to artists, writers, scientists or technological developers.

Whenever you have an idea which seems to spring out of nowhere, your subconscious mind is prompting you to use your creativity to bring your idea to light. But most people ignore these ideas that pops into their head from time to time. And you will find that if you take the time to nurture that idea, it will manifest itself in some form of creative endeavour. And this will increase your spiritual connection.

You may not know the full extent of your own personal potential and you may brush aside your ideas all too quickly thinking that you can’t do anything with it. These are all missed opportunities in you expressing your own personal level of creativity.

As spiritual beings, we are also creative beings. They both come hand in hand, and just like your spiritual side is not fully expressed, your creative side may also be kept hidden deep inside.

Even when you explore the arts and crafts developed by others, you are acknowledging the scope of your own inner potential. This is a demonstration of your own capabilities, though you may express it in a different way.

Diane Fleming who died at 68 of cancer discovered spirituality just before she died by reviving her artistic capabilities of “glass artistry”.

When you begin to practice any form of artistry, writing or teachings, you are becoming more aware of your inner essence. Your spirit is becoming more fully expressed as you use your creativity as a spiritual practice.

Being creative will allow you to explore the true meaning of life and help you to find your purpose here on earth. Life will become more meaningful, joyful and filled with adventure.

Can you think of a way to express your own creativity?

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