The Power Of Cosmic Energy And How It Relates To Meditation

The ‘Magnetosphere’ taken from Nasa, shows a strong cosmic energy field which circles and runs through the planet, it determines the vibrational force of the earth and protects it from cosmic intrusions. It is manipulated by solar wind and is in a constant state of subtle change and synchronises with all living things on earth.

Energy is Everywhere

Even the food we eat has energy, if it is eaten in it’s raw natural state, it retains the life force energy from the earth. Scientists have documented highly magnified photography called kirlian photography which shows the energetic vibrational energy Kirlian leaf imagearound raw food. Some psychics and mediums can detect human energy, sometimes called aura. So this vibrational energy field which we cannot see surrounds every living thing, indicating that we are all from the same source, that we all play a part and synchronise with the whole of the universe.

Energy is the single most important factor of evolution, without it, we simple would not exist, each and every one of us has our own individual energy field much like the cosmic energy field around the earth. The energy force changes and fluctuates according to our mood and condition of the body. It shines brighter when you are positive and healthy and dims when you are full of fear and your body riddled with disease. So you realise this incredible connection we all have to the universe, that we are all one of the same, a tiny part of a galactic ‘whole’.

Respecting spirituality will help us awaken to that miraculous connection and meditation can play an important role.

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