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13 Best Crystal Bracelets for Healing & How to Pick the Right One

What are the top crystal bracelets for healing? How to pick the best one? What are their characteristics? Read our guide to know it all.

1st - Our Pick

108 Quartz Healing Bracelet

Price: $35

Echoing the sacred number of creation, the 108 quartz healing bracelet will help you make a new, bright future.

2nd Place

Emotional Healing Bracelet

Price: $25

Rich red this strawberry quartz bracelet will help you find creative ways to reconnect to your heart.

3rd Place

The Healing Crystal Set

Price: $40

Open your heart to the warmth of this healing rose quartz band and find the courage to love again.

4th Place

Purification Bracelet

Price: $25

Remove your most burdensome emotions and liberate yourself from addiction with this amethyst bracelet.

There is nothing quite as healing as the soothing powers of the appropriate crystals to resonate with your deepest needs. Healing bracelets help you continue your healing even when you are on the road and traveling.

Bring their power, strength, and energy with you by adding a crystal bracelet to your collection. We handpicked the list below to help you find the best crystals for your individual needs.

Below you will find 13 of the best healing crystal bracelets to add to your collection. We also added some positive advice on how to apply and use these crystals no matter where you are.

Numbers resonate and symbolize certain spiritual elements. This is why humans have always ascribed certain meanings and powers to numbers.

In heading, numbers such as 7, 21, and 108 are powerful and symbolically important. They symbolize good luck, the future, and spiritual alignment with creation.

When coupled with certain crystals these numbers can help to enhance the energy of the stones. They may add a positive twist or bestow another element entirely. Either way, they help to bring the crystal's energies to the forefront.

Adding essential oils to certain beads can greatly increase their powers. You will want the oils to correspond or compliment the crystal's energies.

Some examples of great oil and crystal combinations include: citrine and tourmaline with lemon verbena and cinnamon.

Amethysts and rose quartz should be paired with lavender and chrysanthemum. And, clear quartz and smoky quartz should be combined with peppermint and lime oils.

This is a trickier question. The short answer is not necessarily. Each crystal will provide it's own individual energies to enhance and improve your health and wellness.

However, if you have a certain goal in mind a singular crystal is recommended. Or, at least, a singular crystal component (example: maybe spiritual healing is your goal so you use amethyst, rose quartz, and green citrine).

This has less to do with the stones themselves and more to do with your focus and goals. In other words, the crystals' powers will be better amplified by your clear intentions.

So, if you're seeking a general positive vibe, use whatever crystal you connect with that morning (or combination of crystals). But, if you want to feel something specific, try to keep your crystal selection specific as well.

Best Crystal Bracelets for Healing

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1st Place

The 108 Quartz Healing Bracelet

Price: $35

Echoing the sacred number of creation, the 108 quartz healing bracelet will help you make a new, bright future.

This beautiful bracelet holds several of the best crystal types for healing. From sunny citrine to powerful and colorful peacock agate, the 108 healing bracelet has a little of everything.

The number 108 is sacred to many in the Hindu religion. It is the number of renewal and creation and therefore will resonate well with anyone seeking healing.

This, coupled with the crystals included on this bracelet, will help you heal your physical and emotional pain. Citrine will brighten your energy while garnet will help dispel negative energy.

Amethyst will give you insight into your poor health while opal will provide you with inner peace. Last, use peacock agate to heighten your overall mood and bring positivity to your life.

This crystal bracelet also possesses a unique type of quartz known as rutilated quartz. These crystals hold both the silicon quartz and stunning shards of rutile (titanium). It is an empowering crystal, giving strength and courage to the wearer.

  • Color: orange, white, blue, green, violet
  • Featured Crystals: Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Red Agate, Opal, Garnet, Peacock Agate
  • Other materials: Cotton band
  • Package includes: One 108 quartz healing bracelet
  • Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, and Heart

2nd Place

Strawberry Quartz Emotional Healing Bracelet

Price: $25

Rich red this strawberry quartz bracelet will help you find creative ways to reconnect to your heart.

Strawberry quartz holds powerful energizing vibes which pass on easily to the wearer. By imbuing the wearer with its powerful energy of joy and ambition, this bracelet will help you overcome your fears and anxiety.

Strawberry Quartz is a beautiful, deep red stone that holds within it the sense of joy we all get from a summer day. By doing so it helps the wearer see the positive side of life and seek out new ways to cultivate this joy.

Use this bracelet to help you overcome difficult challenges and heartbreak. Allow it's sweet and uplifting energy to fill you and heal you.

  • Color: Red, dark pink
  • Featured Crystals: Strawberry quartz
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One strawberry quartz bracelet 
  • Chakras: Crown, Heart chakra

3rd Place

The Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set

Price: $40

Open your heart to the warmth of this healing rose quartz band and find the courage to love again.

Everyone needs a hug or embrace once in a while, but only rose quartz can give this warmth directly to the heart. The beautiful rose quartz crystal possesses energy that will reopen your heart chakra, allowing it to flow freely and heal you.

This set comes with a crystal bracelet, a rose quartz dowsing rod, and a raw, unrefined rose quartz crystal. This makes this set ideal for healing meditation practices and rituals.

The dowsing rod and raw crystal make for a comforting and warm energy at home, allowing you to find the peace you need after a long day. But, sometimes what we really need is a constant, comforting companion to take on the road with you.

Rose quartz is an amazingly soothing crystal. It takes away fears and doubts while also removing negative energy accumulation during your travels. Take this crystal with you to help keep your inner peace and love flowing.

  • Color: Pink
  • Featured Crystals: Rose quartz
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: 1 x Rose Quartz Bead Bracelet + 1 x Natural Rose Quartz Stone + 1 x Rose Quartz Crystal Dowsing Pendulum
  • Chakras: Heart Chakra

4th Place

The Purification Bracelet

Price: $25

Remove your most burdensome emotions and liberate yourself from addiction with this amethyst bracelet.

Have you ever felt like maybe you're living a little too on the cusp. Perhaps you do not feel you've achieved balance and security or you just don't know how to organize your time?

Don't feel bad, because this is a common feeling many people have. And, amethyst can help!

Amethyst is considered the enlightening crystal, the awakening stone, and the sobering stone. This is because it doesn't just help you feel better or cope with a situation.

Amethyst works with your third eye chakra to help you identify key triggers of pain and suffering in your life. Best of all, it helps you find the solution to these problems.

Connect with the mysterious crystal on a spiritual level by bringing it with you on all your travels! Keep it close and let it help you find the truth!

  • Color: Purple
  • Featured Crystals: Amethyst
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One bracelet
  • Chakras: Third eye and Crown Chakra

5th Place

The Mindfulness Bracelet

Price: $25

This magical bracelet will stun and mesmerize the wearer as well as those looking on.

The mindfulness bracelet will help to give you a solid ground in which to stand. This means it creates a safe space for healing while also reaffirming who you are.

The crystals included on this bracelet are hematite and citrine. These beautiful gems may seem like an odd couple, but they blend together like a charm and complement one another's energies.

Hematite will ground you, hold you firm, and make you more assertive. Meanwhile, citrine is full of light and love and will heighten your spirit to fly high. Together, they provide you with the perfect balance of earth and sky.

  • Color: Silver and orange
  • Featured Crystals: Hematite and Citrine
  • Other materials: Cotton band
  • Package includes: One Mindfulness bracelet
  • Chakras: Third eye, Solar plexus, and Heart Chakra

6th Place

The Positivity Bracelet

Price: $30

Healing your Heart and Throat Chakra with this powerful crystal bracelet.

The positivity bracelet will help you always see the bright side of any situation. Made with the loving, gentle stone turquoise, this bracelet uplifts and empowers.

Turquoise is actually a masculine energy stone. Our ancestors commonly wore this crystal to battle or during intense exchanges to enhance their ability to defend their own.

This bracelet will help you recognize and protect your happiness. Your mind and body will feel rejuvenated and empowered through the healing energy of this bracelet.

  • Color: Blue
  • Featured Crystals: Turquoise 
  • Other materials: Banded leather bracelet
  • Package includes: One positivity bracelet
  • Chakras: Heart, Throat, and Third eye Chakra

7th Place

The Chakra Cure Bracelet

Price: $25

Holding every color of the Chakras this crystal bracelet will help heal your deepest wounds and awaken your passions.

Your chakras are the energy conduits of your body. They provide you with the power you need every day of your life.

These points of your body respond to different crystals based on their energy vibrations. That's why this crystal bracelet is perfect if you want to enhance your energy channels.

It contains amethyst (crown and third eye), lapis lazuli (throat and third eye), aquamarine (throat chakra), amazonite (throat and heart), tiger eye (solar plexus and sacral), moonstone (solar plexus), and garnet (root). Each crystal will help to realign and channel your individual chakra points.

The best part is, they work in tandem. This means they all compliment one another and work to enhance the other so you can feel all around balance.

  • Color: Multi-colored corresponding to all 7 chakras
  • Featured Crystals: amethyst, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amazonite, tiger eye, moonstone, and garnet
  • Other materials: Banded leather bracelet
  • Package includes: One positivity bracelet
  • Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third eye, Crown, Solar plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakra

8th Place

Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

Price: $25

Insightfully rich and blue like the night sky this crystal will help open your Third eye to inner truths.

Blue tiger eye is one of the most brilliantly blue crystals you can find. It is deep and dark with bands of lighter and darker blue stripping through it.

It's a powerful and insightful stone. For many who struggle with self doubt, fear, and uncertainty, this crystal is the one for you. It will bring you peace and assurance to do the hard things in life.

Wearing this bracelet will help enhance your confidence while also bringing you insight. Use it to cleanse the past and make way for a new and beautiful future.

  • Color: Blue
  • Featured Crystals: Blue tiger eye
  • Other materials: Elastic band (dyed)
  • Package includes: One tiger eye bracelet
  • Chakras: Throat and Third eye

9th Place

The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

Price: $30

The calm green of this crystal will help soothe all of your deepest fears and anxieties.

This vibrant bracelet has several amazing beads of malachite. Malachite is a bringer of peace, prosperity, and luck.

Worn in ancient Egypt by those seeking advice and peaceful resolutions, malachite offers a calm energy. It helps you gain insight and wisdom about your life and the goals you want the most.

For those seeking help overcoming fear and anxiety, this bracelet is the one. It will grant you inner light and peace so you can focus on your deepest desires and passions.

  • Color: Green
  • Featured Crystals: Malachite 
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One anti-anxiety bracelet
  • Chakras: Heart, Throat, and Third eye Chakra

10th Place

The Elegant Calming Bracelet

Price: $25

Glistening blue like icey glass, this vibrant band offers you cooling, soothing, and empowering energy.

Chalcedony is a beautiful, ice-like colored stone that holds a vibrant, blue hue which cools the heart and mind. Chalcedony is a relative of the quartz crystal and as such it has a powerful, high vibrational frequency.

This beautiful beaded bracelet offers the soothing energy of chalcedony to anyone who chooses to wear it. By carrying it with you at all times, you can rely on its soothing powers and calming energies to help you retain a positive mood.

For anyone seeking ways to boost their mood and enhance their abilities to maintain their calm demeanor, this bracelet is the one for you!

  • Featured Crystals: Chalcedony
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One elegant calming bracelet (wraps around wrist twice)
  • Chakras: Throat Chakra

11th Place

Natural Tourmaline Bracelet

Price: $24

Shimmering various colors of the rainbow this bracelet will touch you in every way you need.

Tourmaline is one of the most powerful detox crystals available. For anyone feeling overwhelmed, bogged down, and overwhelmed this fabulous bracelet will help relieve and uplift your mind and body.

Tourmaline comes in a plethora of colors and offers a multitude of healing qualities. This bracelet includes beads made from different colored tourmaline stones and therefore helps to provide a vast array of positive qualities.

Overall, tourmaline removes negativity and helps draw cleansing and purified energy in its place. Utilize this powerful bracelet to help you achieve health, well-ness, and balance.

  • Color: Various colors
  • Featured Crystals: Multi-colored tourmaline 
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One natural tourmaline bracelet
  • Chakras: Root, Crown, Heart and Third eye Chakra

12th Place

Smoky Quartz Crystal Bracelet

Price: $30

Stormy like the sky god Zeus, this bracelet will help you find courage and strength.

Smoky quartz is one of the most underrated crystals in the quartz family. This stone holds a mysterious cloud discoloring its otherwise clear and pristine structure.

This stone works with the third eye and heart chakra, bringing power and knowledge to the user. This cloudy crystal is the stone of the country Scotland and was historically used by Celtic seers, or Druids.

Smoky quartz was believed to be the bridge between the realms of the spirits and physical beings. As such, it helps the user heal their mind, body and spirit by grounding and enlightening the user. Having this crystal constantly with you will help you remain grounded and wise.

  • Color: Grayish and brown
  • Featured Crystals: Smokey quartz
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One Smoky quartz crystal bracelet
  • Chakras: Third eye and Root Chakra

13th Place

Malachite Crystal Bracelet

Price: $30

Ideal for altars and ritual work this beautiful crystal bracelet will connect deeply with your heart.

This bracelet is a unique and creative twist to the typical malachite band. This band uses coarse, green malachite shards, which differ from the typical smooth, blue-green crystals.

The green of these stones helps guarantee a heavy focus on your heart chakra and emotional support. This means it can help you achieve peace and love for all life, being that the green of anahata reminds us of the universal nature of love.

Use this bracelet so you will always have access to true and unending universal love. This crystal bracelet will help remind you of your inner strength, love, and beauty.

  • Color: Green
  • Featured Crystals: Chip malachite 
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One malachite crystal bracelet
  • Chakras: Heart Chakra

Which Crystals Are Best for Bracelets for Healing?

The type of crystal best suited for healing varies a little based on your individual needs and the type of pain or suffering you experience. The types of crystals you select can be broken down to two major categories: spiritual/emotional healing and physical healing.

Of course, we know that all things are connected. Your spiritual and emotional health will impact your physical health and vice versa.

However, this doesn't change the fact that we search for different types of healing for different struggles. It could be that a physical ailment is causing us to experience feelings of depression or anxiety. Or, we feel inflammation due to our anxiety.

Therefore, the best crystals for healing are those which can adapt to your needs. Some provide primarily spiritual and emotional healing, such as rose quartz and amethyst.

Meanwhile, others are more physically oriented. These include tourmaline and clear or smokey quartz.

The important thing is to know your own body. You want your crystals to resonate with your needs and amplify your strengths.

How Can Bracelets Help with Healing?

Perhaps the most obvious way bracelets can aid you in the healing process is by constantly being with you. Additionally, by remaining on your wrist (rather than your ankle or neck) they are almost always visible to you.

The constant presence helps guarantee their energy is ever present with you. This helps to ensure you can have a constant supply of their comforting, loving, and healing powers.

But, the unique thing about a bracelet is they are more visible to you than a necklace. Throughout the day, every time you glance at your wrist while driving or shaking someone's hand, you will see it.

It will create a constant reminder of your intentions of growth and improvement. Your devotion and commitment to your development is the ultimate way to achieve true healing.

What Do Healing Bracelets Usually Look Like?

As you can probably tell from our list above, healing crystal bracelets can come in a variety of designs and colors. Many of them retain the simple mala bead design used by monks for centuries.

This is a simple and straight design, but it certainly isn't the only design. Some healing bracelets also come as bangles or cusps for the wrists.

These designs are a little less popular because they aren't quite as comfortable (and healing is partially about comfort). But, they are well liked for people in sports because they do not fall off as easily.

What Aspects to Look For in Bracelets for Healing?

There are two primary things to concern yourself with when selecting your next healing bracelet. The first is, variety. The second is, conscientiousness.

Variety is important because it helps to ensure your chakras, all of them, are aligned and cared for. A bracelet with various crystals can also help you heal your ailments even if you are uncertain which chakra needs the most attention.

Or, maybe you will want a variety collection of chakra bracelets. We would recommend having several crystals and connecting with yourself in the morning.

This skill may take some time to develop, but it's an essential part of any healing process. Once you feel you've honed this skill sufficiently, you will be able to figure out which crystal and chakra you want to focus on the most.

Last, conscientiousness is essential for your healing bracelets. You want to see conscientiousness and intention in the bracelets creation, as well as feel connected with it on a personal or spiritual level.

In other words, do not simply grab whatever bracelet you find at your local dollar shop. Seek out the crystal bracelets which seem made with care and love and then connect with it before you purchase it.

What Else Can You Do to Heal Yourself?

Mind body connection is essential for your overall healing and well-being. Therefore, finding ways to build this relationship are crucial.

Some of the best ways to start are through journaling or therapy sessions. You will want to identify your issues and perhaps lay them out on paper. This makes them seem more evident and real.

Second, set goals for yourself. Exercise is one of the greatest expressions of self love and care. Add some outdoor activities, such as hiking or biking.

Get to know your world and connect with it on a spiritual and emotional level. These connections will help you know where you are and how to improve this space. In turn, this will improve you and uplift your health and wellness.


We hope this list has proven helpful for you and you have a better idea of what type of crystals to include on your bracelets! Bracelets make the healing process easier and more consistent, since you can take them with you anywhere.

Adding variety is an excellent way to ensure you will have the energy you need no matter what you encounter. For this reason, we recommend a quartz bracelet with multiple types of quartz stones to help you be prepared no matter what.

Although, like we discussed in the FAQ section, try to find a more specific crystal if you’re seeking to heal a specific ailment. The type of crystal you select is ultimately up to you, but we hope this list helps you narrow down the choices!

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