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20 Best Online Stores to Buy Crystals in 2024

What are the top online stores to buy crystals? How to pick the best one? Read our guide to know it all.

1st - Our Pick

Conscious Items

2nd Place

Exquisite Crystals

3rd Place

Throwing Stones

Have you recently found a love for all things crystals and magic? But, you’ve hit a roadblock on your way to spiritual healing. Where should you shop? How will you know they’re legitimately healing crystals?

Do not fret, we are here to help. We’ve compiled the top 21 online shops for all of your crystal needs. From crystal wands, spheres, to elegant jewelry, you’ll find what you’re looking for!

But, most importantly, you’ll find a place of true healing and sincere care. Every store is dedicated to making the world a better place and bringing inner peace to their clients. We’ll give you the resources to shop with confidence.

Your seller can definitely help you set the intentions of your crystals! This is why you want to find a seller you trust and believe are doing their work for more than just money.

A skilled Reiki practitioner, for example, can imbue crystals with holy fire and help enhance your healing experience. But, it can go both ways. If you find a seller who does not truly love what they’re doing, you might find that your crystals struggle to heal you.

Don’t worry too much, because you can always purify them and instill your own intentions. But, it’s certainly something you want to avoid!

You’ll probably notice that many of the shops we discuss below also sell accompanying tarot decks or oracle decks. This might leave you wondering what on Earth you’re supposed to use these for with regards to your crystals?

First, how you wish to use your deck and crystals is up to you. However, as a general introduction, crystals can help you gain clarity while doing a reading.

For example, I almost always have my amethyst tree and rose quartz necklace nearby while seeking advice from my tarot deck. I find that the amethyst helps enhance my insight, while my rose quartz gives me better empathy with my emotions.

If you’re using an oracle deck, I especially recommend using rose quartz and possibly citrine and green peridot. This can help you connect with your heart chakra and heal faster and more completely!

Online crystal shops are largely high quality and genuine places to shop for anything crystal related. Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring the local crystal shop when I have time. But, many times I can’t find the crystal I felt my heart wanted.

This is where online shops are excellent! You’ll almost certainly find a crystal to meet your needs. And they are typically more affordable, so if you’re a crystal lover on a budget, this is the option for you!

Best Online Stores to Buy Crystals In

Where To Shop For Crystals

1st Place

Conscious Items

Conscious Items focuses on creating an inclusive company where everyone feels healed and renewed. They pride themselves in creating a better world by helping people from the inside-out. Balanced, healthy, and emotionally aware individuals make for a better, more welcoming world for all.

Conscious Items sells everything from packs of well-ness combinations to bracelets and necklaces. Their jewelry comes in both male and female designs and they provide you with useful Zodiac guides for selecting your crystals.

Choose this brand to maximize your positive impact on the Earth. For every purchase you make you can count on them planting one tree. Spread the love and positive energy.

2nd Place

Exquisite Crystals

Exquisite Crystals is a small, family owned company with a lot of love in their hearts and passion for what they do. Here you can find a vast supply of real, high quality crystals and crystal jewelry. They have vibrantly carved crystal art, crystal eggs, and lamps.

They also have excellent educational resources, including books about how to use your crystals effectively. And, when you shop at their shop you can feel good about yourself! They are a company dedicated to helping heal the Earth.

As members of the Climate Neutral initiative, they leave a net-zero carbon footprint. This means you can be sure your purchase will not harm the environment.

3rd Place

Throwing Stones

Throwing Stones is a company which started on the road! They traveled all over the world seeking out the highest quality crystals to bring back to local wholesale shops. They also went on tours of multiple cities to crystal displays and exhibitions.

They state that they’ve recently been moving their sales to their online store to encourage and increase access to their healing stones. Our personal favorite is their absolutely stunning African Sugilite crystals. They have these beautiful purple crystals available in whole stone, but also as sterling silver pendants and rings.

Be sure to check out their webstore. They have a vast selection of crystals, all sourced sustainably and with fair practices.

4th Place


Everlur is so much more than just a brand. They are a community of welcoming, spiritual people who want to see people loved and loving themselves. Founded by two immigrants to the United States, Saba and Shokouh, sought to bring their dreams to their new home.

They accomplished this by opening their own company selling crystals for spiritual and emotional healing. This led to the establishment of their very own community of healers, lovers, and light bringers.

5th Place


Etsy is an awesome community of sellers from all around the world. On this platform you can find almost anything you could ever need for your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Explore the various sellers and shops listed on the site to find the ones who suit your needs and desires the most. Also, you’ll be helping private shop owners and small business owners thrive and compete in an ever increasing corporate world.

6th Place

Cosmic Cuts

Cosmic Cuts is a South Carolina small family company who specialize in stunning, crystal geodes. These amazing geodes can be small desk top decorations, or amazingly cut products that stand a few feet tall.

These gorgeous geodes consist of amethysts and citrine, but that is not all they sell! They also provide polished and unpolished crystals which you can hold in your hand or wear on a necklace.

7th Place

Buddha and Karma

Buddha and Karma is a company dedicated to helping people rediscover themselves through chakra healing and meditation. Their collection consists of chakra healing bands, bangles, and everything in-between.

They want to help people get rid of their negative feelings, negative emotions, and become more successful in their life. Use their beautiful designs to help enhance your mood and empower your spirit.

8th Place

Energy Muse

Started by an energy expert and metaphysical skeptic, Timmi and Heather both became the founders of their very own crystal company. Heather spent years traveling the world to perfect her energy comprehension.

Timmi, meanwhile, was convinced of the powers of crystals to heal and bring abundance through Heather’s abilities. Together, they made Energy Muse and today make some gorgeous crystal jewelry.

You can share in their energy abilities through their various chakra necklaces and bracelets. Wear them and feel your energy increase!

9th Place

Sivana Spirit

When you first visit the Sivana Spirit website you might be surprised with the sight of clothing galor! But, they have some of the loveliest selections of fine crafted jewelry and crystal decor. Although, don’t overlook their clothing selection, either. Its lovely!

My personal favorites in their collection are the Eastern style jewelry. These bracelets, necklaces, and rings have a traditional Tibetan look. The “Ancient Tibet Healing Bracelet” is rustic, natural. and full of healing energy for your soul.

That’s just one of the dozens of beautiful pieces they offer. Be sure to stroll through their site and find the band, necklace, or ring that will bring you peace.

10th Place

At Perry’s

Don’t be fooled by the simple name of this crystal company. At Perry’s offers a huge variety of raw, polished and cut crystals infused with the owner’s powerful healing aura.

They have wands, male and female jewelry designs, and Himalayan salt lamps. The founder, Perry Valentine, based his shop off of his revelatory experiences with crystals while traveling through India.

He wished to share his amazing experiences with his customers by providing legitimately healing crystals. You can be sure you’re getting the very best from this provider!

11th Place

Crown Crystals

Crown Crystals provides raw, polished, shards, and carved crystals for your everyday needs! You’ll find a stunning variety in almost every form imaginable. Their crystal towers are particularly vibrant and really add a stunning look to your bedroom, bathroom, or living room.

The goal of Crown Crystals is to enhance the everyday experience. They want to provide people with the resources they need to find peace, balance, and tranquility. Nothing's better than coming home to a beautiful, bright, and uplifting house after a stressful day.

Use their oracle decks to help enhance your meditation and peace practices. These cards are designed to help bring out the most in your crystals and connect you with them in a powerful way.

12th Place

Mama Wunderbar

Mama Wunderbar is an all in one hobby shop and healing center. Here you'll find crystals, zodiac specific candles, and jewelry. But, you’ll also find a lively and helpful community who will help you explore various topics in detail with success.

They offer soap making courses among other educational resources. Be sure to check out their blog as well to further expand your knowledge on crystals, candles, and everything healing.

Also, they offer a vast array of smudging tools and kits. Their heart chakra kit is a personal favorite with rose quartz and flowers to enhance your experience.

13th Place

Moxie Malas

Moxie Malas is a company which believes in self empowerment and self confidence. They explain this through the image of a zinnia flower in their brand’s icon.

The zinnia is a flower which thrives in all elements and shines brightly. This is what true confidence and wellness will provide to those in possession of it. Inner beauty, confidence, and the ability to achieve great beauty in hardship.

Moxie Malas believes that anyone can achieve this level of confidence with the right crystals and healing tools. Check out their stock and get ready to feel empowered!


14th Place

Smudge Wellness

Smudge Wellness started back in 2018 by two best friends, Lara and Luigi. The two friends found that crystals were a balancing element to their lives in an amazingly healing way. The two particularly love labradorite and claim it treats them well!).

They have a simple, three step methodology for their approach to crystals and healing tools. This includes: Practical Magic, Life’s messy, and Personal Spiritual Healing. Under this system they help their customers find a balance between balance and messy reality.

They offer crystal towers, wands, spheres, and raw crystals. You won’t be disappointed in their vast selection, and they have a price range for almost any price range.

15th Place

Before Noon

Before Noon is a virtual and in-person therapy session for your overall health and wellbeing. The founders, Ann Tham, Danielle Lumetta, and Natasha Wong, each ply their skills and personal experience in their brand to create a wholesome and healing practice.

They provide online and in-person therapy sessions where they use Reiki, yoga, and tarot meditation to help their clients relieve stress and heal. You are encouraged to express yourself, find yourself, and love yourself.

They provide you with healing kits as well, which utilize crystals, tarot cards, and other healing elements. Don't be afraid to explore your subconscious.

16th Place

Sage Goddess

This website is actually the very first place I discovered the connection between tarot and crystals. The site was founded by Athena Perrakis, a skilled practitioner of all things magical, mystical, and healing.

Here you will find a massive collection of raw crystals, tumbled crystals, carved, and mounted jewelry. Utilize their meditative practices, mantras, and guided tarot cards to help too get the very best out of your practice.

Their soul shifter kits will help you attain balance and security. You don't have to worry about feeling lost as you explore your spiritual journey.

17th Place

Tiny Rituals

Tiny Rituals is a beautifully dedicated company who seeks to use their energy to uplift the community around them. After witnessing vast starvation and intense vitamin deficiencies in India, the founder created a charity to help combat Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder (VADD).

All of their crystals have a double A rating and are the purest form of quality. Their crystals will help you experience healing, wholeness, and inner peace.

When used with their EMF set, you can be certain to chase away negative energies and feel well once again. Heal yourself and help them heal the world.

18th Place

Karma and Luck

Karma and luck first started back in 2015 with the goal of bringing authentically healing crystals to the world. The founder, Vlad Bergmen, was committed to the idea that the right tools and elements can help modern people achieve inner peace and spiritual light.

Their collection consists of simple, yet beautiful bracelets and anklets adorned with protective imagery. As well as evil eye earrings and necklaces to keep you safe wherever you go.

Be sure to check out their men's selection too! They have a stunning, yet handsome array of jewelry fit for any man.

19th Place

Rock Paradise

Rock Paradise is the sister site of Jewelry Paradise, and pride themselves in being a direct source for gemstones and crystals. The company works closely with mines all across the globe in search of the very best quality crystals.

One of the most exciting parts of this company is they provide some of the finest quality crystals for you to make your very own jewelry. They do have their own collection, of course, but we recommend you make your own personalized collections for yourself and friends!

They offer a significant discount on bulk orders, so make sure you get your crystals in one shot. Between their polished and raw crystals you’ll have plenty to work with.

20th Place

Moon Magic

Moon Magic offers some of the finest moonstone jewelry on the market! They offer rings and bracelet collections that go with any elegant occasion you have planned.

My personal favorites are the Mirth Ring and Vow Band and the Starburst Earrings and Stellar Necklace. The Mirth Ring comes in a luminescent rainbow sheen, glowing a natural blue and green. And, the Starburst collection has lovely contrasting silver.

Tips: How to Shop Crystals Online?

One of the top things to look into when selecting a new online seller is to checkout their Facebook or Twitter page. I find this helpful because more than anything I want sincerity. I was someone who really believes in what they’re selling me, and isn’t just a seller.

By following their social media accounts you can sometimes join a livestream or engage with them in the comments. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their personal journey with crystals and how they’re helped them. But, be polite, of course.

Another piece of helpful advice is to find a seller who engages in an active community. Some of them will have free resources on their blog to help you find your best crystal choice. Or, they may provide zodiac charts to help you find the one best for your rising sign!

All these things can help you locate a true healer. A place where you can find more than just fancy jewelry, but a healing community.

How Can You Know If The Crystals Are Real?

One of the first signs I personally look for is translucence. Most real crystals are not purely translucent. Some, such as quartz crystal, will have better visibility than others, but will still have slightly cloudy features.

The second tell-tale sign of a fake crystal is the presence of air bubbles. Air bubbles can appear during the heating process of the glass crystal, and are a good sign of a fake crystal. This is especially true for glass crystals.

Last, check for impurities. Almost every naturally formed crystal will have some sign of impurities. Whether it's the presence of another element on their surface (such as iron from sitting in water) or another crystal connected to it.


Finding a reliable place to shop for all of your crystal needs is an important part of any healing journey. The best crystal shops online offer a vast array of tools, crystals, and resources to help you get the most out of your crystals.

Our top recommendations are Conscious Items, but the other shops listed offer more variety and unique designs. Tiny Rituals offers some excellent implements for your magic work, while Karma and Luck gives the protection you need!

Don’t be afraid of shopping online for your crystal friends. Just make sure you find sincere and true lovers of magic!

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