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The 10 Best Crystal Bracelets for Men to Buy in 2024

What are the top crystals bracelets for men? How to pick the best one? What are their characteristics? Read our guide to know it all.

1st - Our Pick

Triple Protection Braсelet

Price: $25

Grounding, stabilizing, and empowering, this crystal band offers all the strength you need to grow.

2nd Place

Pi Yao Wealth Bracelet

Price: $25

Channel the mysterious power of the Chinese Chimera with this elaborate and masculine band.

3rd Place

Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

Price: $25

Overcome self-doubt and negative opinions from others with the powers of a tiger in this deceivingly simple band.

4th Place

The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

Price: $30

Find balance and peace with this powerful and vibrant band.

Whenever we think of crystals we tend to envision beautiful, ornate crystal bracelets. Many men take one look at these and state they would never wear such a thing!

This is understandable, the marketing of crystals has largely focused on reaching women. But the reality is many crystals can have a positive impact on men and help them align their chakras.

So, why should men deny themselves crystals? Luckily, there are dozens of masculine bracelets out there for men to try! And we've put this list together to help you find the best! 

The greatest emblem of the male archetype is the emperor card in the tarot deck. This card embodies the energy of the ram and bull, coupled with the passions of fire.

The archetypal male figure is not a specific man. Rather, he is the image of the ultimate man. This means he embodies all aspects of what humanity associates with man throughout history.

The archetype is a figure who applies to both male and female people though. This means an archetypically feminine attribute of energy could apply to some men in some cases. Likewise for the male archetype for women.

Absolutely, men can certainly benefit from feminine crystals. Every person has a specific need they need to have met, and sometimes these needs are masculine and feminine. Regardless of biological sex.

If you are honest with yourself and know you need to be more in touch with your female powers, feminine crystals can help. But, as a general rule, men and women resonate with energy differently.

This is why men tend to go for more empowering and strengthening crystals than women.

Some cultures believe that one hand is the receiving hand and the other is the giving hand. This is of course a valid culture and possibly religious tradition for these people groups.

However, there should be no need to worry about which wrist you choose to wear your bracelet. Essentially, it comes down to your personal preference and the hand which feels most comfortable and natural to you.

Some prefer to wear it on their less dominant hand. We would recommend this, simply because it will prevent damage to the wrist band. But it should not impact its energy.

Best Crystal Bracelets For Men

Where To Shop For Crystals

1st Place

The Triple Protection Braсelet

Price: $25

Grounding, stabilizing, and empowering, this crystal band offers all the strength you need to grow.

This stunning bracelet offers protective energy from every direction. The three crystals, hematite, tiger eye, and black obsidian offer powerful energy.

Tiger eye will enhance blood flow and courage. Black obsidian will bring security and shield you against negative influences. Hematite offers support and grounding to achieve your goals.

It is this great combination that makes this bracelet ideal for men seeking to heal their mind and body. These crystals combine well with the masculine energy and enhance the power of the user.

  • Color: Brown and Gold
  • Featured Crystals: Hematite, Black Obsidian, Tiger's Eye
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One Triple Protection Bracelet
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus, Third eye, and Root Chakras

2nd Place

Pi Yao Wealth Bracelet

Price: $25

Channel the mysterious power of the Chinese Chimera with this elaborate and masculine band.

The Pi Yao symbol is a unique and encouraging symbol from Asia. It offers good fortune and luck to those who wear it.

The symbol is known as a mysterious, mythical creature who brings good luck and wealth. To westerners, this odd creature resembles a Chimera, but their legends are very different.

A pet of the Jade emperor, this creature was fed riches but was unable to defecate. Therefore, this descendent of the dragon lord is thought to be the keeper of riches. Use this bracelet to enhance your luck and store your energy without fear of losing them.

  • Color: Brown and Black
  • Featured Crystals: Obsidian, Tiger's Eye
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One Pi Yao Wealth Bracelet
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus and Root Chakras

3rd Place

Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

Price: $25

Overcome self-doubt and negative opinions from others with the powers of a tiger in this deceivingly simple band.

Blue Tigers eye is a power crystal, working with both the throat and crown chakras. This bracelet will help men rediscover their innermost dreams, passions, and light.

Use this bracelet to give you hope and determination about the future. It will help cleanse your body of addiction, negative energy, and connect to your greatest capabilities.

For men, this can manifest in empowering them so they have the resolve, energy, and fortitude to pull through. Tiger’s eye can give them the power and energy of a tiger, making them a fierce contender.

  • Color: Black and Blue
  • Featured Crystals: Blue Tiger’s eye
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One Blue Tiger’s eye Bracelet
  • Chakras: Third eye, Crown, and Throat Chakras

4th Place

The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

Price: $30

Find balance and peace with this powerful and vibrant band.

Many crystal experts acclaim that malachite is the man's rose quartz. What does this mean exactly?

Rose quartz is known to resonate with the feminine archetype and energy. Meanwhile, malachite resonates with the male archetype and energy.

As such, this crystal can greatly serve men seeking to enhance their ability. Emotional and physical health together are enhanced by this stunning warrior crystal.

  • Color: Green 
  • Featured Crystals: Malachite
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One Anti-Anxiety Bracelet
  • Chakras: Heart chakra

5th Place

Rainbow Obsidian Protection Bracelet

Price: $25

Achieve your goals by removing negative influences from your life and find your inner power with this black band.

Rainbow Obsidian is a deep dark black colored stone which holds mysterious looking rainbow shimmers. This magical crystal offers a powerful shield of protection around the wearer.

Protection and provision are natural instincts of the male archetype and this crystal helps to heighten these powers. For many, this crystal also helps to dispel their fears and empower their abilities to create a stable life.

This crystal's power is heightened in this crystal with the image of the Wu Xing. This mystical image provides the wearer with courage and power to create their future.

  • Color: Black with rainbow shimmers
  • Featured Crystals: Rainbow obsidian and Wu Xing symbol
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One Rainbow Obsidian Protection Bracelet
  • Chakras: Root and Crown Chakras

6th Place

The Tiger’s Eye Stability Bracelet

Price: $20

Overcome negative emotions while enhancing your stamina with this excellent crystal band.

This deceivingly plain bracelet will help the user develop a balanced and stable emotional state. The powerful combination of blue tigers eye and black agate to help create stability and intuition.

This crystal helps to pinpoint the areas which trigger us. With the blue tiger eye you can better understand what causes your emotional outbursts. And, with black agate you will have the ability to ground your life and attain a firm footing for growth.

  • Color: Black and Blue
  • Featured Crystals: Black Agate, Tiger’s Eye
  • Other materials: Cotton band
  • Package includes: One Tiger’s eye Stability Bracelet
  • Chakras: Third eye and Root Chakra

7th Place

The Spiritual Protection Bracelet

Price: $25

Remove energy vampires from your aura and cleanse your space with this sharp crystal band.

This dark and powerful crystal bracelet will help assist your root chakra and solar plexus achieve their real power. Much like the somewhat unassuming appearance of the crystals, these chakras are often overlooked for their importance.

The black tourmaline will help align your root chakras and give you the strength to assert who you are. And, the glimmering golden obsidian crystal will awaken your solar plexus, thus channeling energy through your body.

  • Color: Black and gold
  • Featured Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Golden Obsidian
  • Other materials: Elastic band
  • Package includes: One spiritual protection 
  • Chakras: Third eye and Solar Plexus

8th Place

The Professional Success Bracelet

Price: $25

This trendy and smart bracelet will help bolster your mood and appearance.

This bracelet is designed to help your dreams and aspirations come to reality. As such, the very design of this bracelet intends to bring success and good luck.

The presence of tigers' eyes helps to give the wearer courage, strength, and the power to achieve. And, black onyx will help prevent you from losing your nerve or overcoming your greatest fears and doubts.

  • Color: yellow and black
  • Featured Crystals: Tiger’s Eye and Black Onyx 
  • Other materials: Artificial leather
  • Package includes: One Professional Success Bracelet
  • Chakras: Third eye and Root Chakras

9th Place

The Stress-Free Bracelet

Price: $20

This perfectly androgynous band will enhance your mood and your wardrobe.

If you ever feel overwhelmed and distraught in your life this crystal band can help! This crystal does not so much offer positivity, but rather gives power to the user.

Black agate gives the user balance and love so you feel secure and safe where you are. Likewise, black obsidian gives the wearer the capacity to move on from old trauma so they can claim a bright future.

  • Color: Black and Blue
  • Featured Crystals: Black Obsidian, Black Agate, Blue Tiger’s Eye
  • Other materials: Premium elastic band
  • Package includes: 1 x The Stress-Free Bracelet
  • Chakras: Third eye, Root, and Heart Chakras

10th Place

The Mindfulness Bracelet

Price: $25

A stunning blend of silver hematite and sunny citrine will provide balance and positivity to the wearer.

This mindfulness bracelet creates a realm of positive and loving energy for the user. This helps the user gain a more insightful and positive outlook on life.

Mindfulness means much more than simply breathing deeply and reflecting on emotions. Mindfulness means finding your goals and setting about ways to accomplish them.

Utilizing hematite, an earth bound crystal, and citrine, a sun stone, provides the user with strength and positive emotions.

  • Color: Silver and orange
  • Featured Crystals: Hematite and Citrine
  • Other materials: Cotton band
  • Package includes: One Mindfulness bracelet
  • Chakras: Third eye, Solar plexus, and Heart Chakra

Which Crystals Are Best for Men’s Bracelets?

Men can benefit from crystals in similar ways that women do. The major difference in the types they use relates to their goals, struggles, and preferences.

Feminine crystals can help heal men who are seeking ways to heal their feminine sides. However, both channel and create different energy and they can benefit from having crystals which resonate with masculine energy.

We would recommend crystals with grounding powers and core strengthening elements. This means crystals such as agate, tiger eye, and malachite.

You are certainly welcome to integrate feminine crystals too such as rose quartz and moonstone. But, for men, these crystals may help them retain peace of mind and a calm demeanor rather than balance estrogen.

Why Wear Healing Bracelets?

Men tend to have more violent thoughts and impulses when compared to women. But, similar to women, keeping your crystals close to you when traveling around can help you overcome your impulses and emotional struggles.

Bracelets will ensure a constant flow of positive and balancing energy. No matter where you go and what you encounter, they will be ever present to help you maintain your goals for self improvement.

What Do Men’s Bracelets Usually Look Like?

Typically, men's healing bracelets are made to appear more rugged and simple. They tend to avoid fancy additions which are not necessary or useful.

This is a general statement, of course. It's true that everyone has their own sense of style and preferences, and there's no shame in wearing what you prefer.

But, when making bracelets designed to heal men the design reflects the male energy. They feature heavily with twine and leather rather than silver, gold, or soft banding used in female jewelry.

How to Choose The Right Men’s Bracelet?

First and foremost, find the bracelet that matches your personal style. Fortunately, there are classy business designs, simple bands, and outdoor styled wristbands.

If you are a frequent outdoorsmen then you will certainly want a leather or twine bracelet without anything dangling. If you're seeking to feel more connected to nature, focus on earth-tones and grounding crystals.

For businessmen or professional people you'll want to have a black or grey classic wrist band. For good fortune and luck in your business endeavors, use jade, malachite, and pyrite.

Remember the crystals are meant to enhance your confidence and heal any fears or doubts you possess. Make sure your design reflects these goals!


In many ways men and women are excellent compliments of one another. People fall into different identities all along these spectrums and this only helps to make this complimentary bond more powerful.

But, men tend to neglect their personal needs and feelings in hopes of appearing strong in many cultures. This is unfortunate, because an emotionally aware man makes for a wonderful partner and father.

Fortunately, we have crystals such as tigers' eyes for confidence and courage to help men rediscover their power. Malachite and turquoise, the historical crystals of warriors and mediators, help men remain balanced even in conflict.

Crystals aren't just for women after all! Find the crystal to awaken your inner warrior and peacemaker.

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