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20 Best Crystal Shops On Etsy in 2024

What are the top crystal shops on Etsy? How to pick the best one? Read our guide to know it all.

Our Pick

Conscious Items Store

1st Place

Throwing Stones Shop

2nd Place

I Love Lotus

3rd Place

New Moon Crystals

Shopping crystals online can sometimes feel less authentic than when you personally get to visit a shop and touch the stones. However, Etsy allows you to find creators who love what they do almost as much as you love purchasing them.

From crafty designs and the use of animal designs and natural instinct, you’re never going to be disappointed by variety here. Not to mention, you’ll find hard working entrepreneurs who wish to share their creative spirit and love of healing with the world.

If you want to know where to shop, we’re here to help! We created a list of the 20 best Etsy shops out there to help you start discovering this treasure trove of crystals!

You can certainly add ritualistic items to your healing practice. It isn’t for everyone, though. If you enjoy ritual and ceremonial practice, then you’ll probably find this a rejuvenating and healing experience.

Some examples include, using Mala or Rosary beads to help guide your meditation, sacred knives, and scrying mirrors. Sacred knives are typically made from crystals such as Selenite, rather than metal. This is because they’re meant to represent sacrifice and the loss of personal delusions, rather than as a weapon.

They’re symbolic items, rather than literal tools. These rituals help you remain focused on your goals and what you hope to accomplish, rather than some physical manifestation.

As we stated above, you can add a number of items to your practice to enhance it in a ritualistic manner. However, the object matters based on what type of ritual you wish to practice.

For example: if you’re using a sacred knife, you must be careful not to break it. Therefore, we recommend using a soft substance such as bread, soft herbs, or even water. You can use these objects to represent a habit or behavior you wish to change.

After you’ve prepared your substance, use the knife to cut it in half (even if using water) and say, “I remove you from my life.” This will help you remove the negativity and painful past from your present existence.

Other tools, such as Mala beads or Rosary beads are excellent for anyone wishing to focus better. Chant as you move down the string of beads and focus your energy on recovery and improved insights.

Eucalyptus is a purifying plant that is used in vapor rubs and antibacterial salves to help open airways and cleanse wounds. However, it can also help heal your mind and open your third eye.

We recommend adding the leaves to a pot of boiling water and placing obsidian crystals into the pot as well. Inhale the fumes to help create an open mind, increase oxygen flow, and cast out evil energies. You can also add these leaves or oils to your bath and soak up the benefits.

You can use eucalyptus along with other healing herbs, such as Rosemary and Mint. Add them to your vapor bath or regular bath to enhance the effects.

Palo Santo, however, is a little different. These are actually small pieces of wood from the Palo Santo tree. The tree is revered in South American native cultures for its healing properties. You can smudge or burn this wood to bring its energy to your room or space.

However, one of the most popular methods is to heat the tip until it smokes. Once warmed, place it on particularly painful points of the body, but be careful not to burn yourself. The heat will interact with the healing properties of the wood, transferring this deep into your joints, bones, and body.

Best Crystal Shops On Etsy

Where To Shop For Crystals

Our Pick

Conscious Items

Conscious Items focuses on creating an inclusive company where everyone feels healed and renewed. They pride themselves in creating a better world by helping people from the inside-out. Balanced, healthy, and emotionally aware individuals make for a better, more welcoming world for all.

Conscious Items sells everything from packs of well-ness combinations to bracelets and necklaces. Their jewelry comes in both male and female designs and they provide you with useful Zodiac guides for selecting your crystals.

Choose this brand to maximize your positive impact on the Earth. For every purchase you make you can count on them planting one tree. Spread the love and positive energy.

1st Place

Throwing Stones

Throwing Stones has been operating out of the mountains of South Carolina since 2001. A family owned company, they pride themselves in their personal touch!

They have numerous crystals, bracelets, necklaces, and more to choose from. Both raw and polished, you'll be sure to find the style that suits you best.

Some personal recommendations include their stunning malachite slab, polished Rhodochrosite crystals, and chakra crystal set! There's plenty more to choose from, though.

2nd Place

I Love Lotus

I Love Lotus is a beautiful, colorful, and elegant Etsy shop with a huge variety of both polished and unpolished crystals. They have a consistent, 5 star review rating from their thousands of customers.

This shop offers a healing experience and it is there to spread love, understanding, and emotional support. Their crystals are infused with the good will and intentions of their founders, who claim their use of sage and compassionate works makes their crystals possess powerful healing elements.

Shop here for an all around excellent experience, authentic crystals, and caring staff!

3rd Place

New Moon Crystals

Operated out of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, New Moon Crystals makes all of their own jewelry, crystal sets, and candles. Each crystal is infused with the power, energy, and love of reiki from the shop's owner.

You can be certain to get high quality, made with love and care crystals. One of their finest and most beautiful sets available are their zodiac healing candles! Each set is especially catered to a specific zodiac and has crystals infused that will aid your personal sign!

4th Place

World Incense Store

The World Incense Store has a cute, charming, and wholesome beginning. A family owned and operated business, in their biography they state they are a mother, father, and son shop who want to improve the world through Spiritual healing.

They offer raw selenite rods, unpolished amethyst geode, and much more! As their name suggests, they have more than just crystal. Here you will always find incense and healing woods, such as Palo Santo.

Palo Santo is still commonly used in South America to alleviate pain, deeply rooted in the joints and bones. When used along with their healing crystals, you'll find your body feeling well once again.

5th Place

Stone Direct

Stone Direct has an amazing array of cut crystals, polished crystals, and a stunning collection of mother of pearls! Located out of Texas, they are well loved by many of their clients and consistently get star reviews for their products.

One of the exciting parts of their products is the variety and the multiple uses for their crystals. They specialize in beads both rounded, squared, or shaped like stars. You can make your own jewelry and beautiful designs!

6th Place

The Spirit Nectar

Nectar was once revered by the ancients as the drink of the gods. This substance was closely tied to the ideas of life and the preservation of existence. Therefore, Spirit Nectar is the perfect name for this unique Etsy shop.

Their mission is to provide authentic crystals to their shoppers, while also donating $1.00 to charity for every purchase made. However, don’t think they aren’t providing for you as well. Their Afganite collection is stunning, with spiraling white and blue spheres, wands, and raw crystals.

Additionally, their Dragon Blood stones are healing, vibrant, and beautiful. You’ll surely feel their cleansing, healing, and purifying energy as they adorn your vanity or altar.

7th Place

EvelynCreations Store

If you prefer a more Earthtone, rustic, and androgenous look, this shop is for you. They sell beautiful, yet rugged jewelry using leather, twine, and semi-polished crystals to give you a more connected feeling.

You can see these styles in their Amazonite drop earrings and Turquoise Stone bracelet bracelet. One of the most stunning pieces of their Obsidian Necklace, made from solid black obsidian crystals.

With a singular large, cut obsidian crystal as the centerpiece, it is one of the most stunning samples I’ve ever seen. There is also smaller obsidian stone trimming the necklace band, giving it a powerful and protective vibe.

8th Place


Auramore is a distinctive shop among its peers. They provide your typical crystals for healing and wellness, but they take this healing a step further.

They provide several growing kits, zen gardens, house planters which integrate crystals every chance they get! As anyone who’s spent some time in nature will tell you, plants are healing! They rejuvenate our atmosphere and provide us with the oxygen we need to survive.

And, Auramore has gone the extra mile to provide you with healing crystal plant growers! Heal your mind and spirit while also replenishing your home environment with the soothing presence of plants and herbs.

9th Place


There is one word that fits the description of this lovely shop: elegant! If you love crystals, but prefer a more traditional looking jewelry collection, then this shop is for you.

Gentle, elegant, and made for a classy person, these sets offer the healing energy of the crystal to further enhance your vibrance. They have easy to use sets, made from specific crystals to help you heal specific ailments and chakras.

These include their Mother’s day necklace which incorporates empowering and empathetic crystals. This will help your loving mother love herself more. They also have their Joy, Life, and Empath bands which incorporate the crystal energy on a soft, beautiful crystal or gold band.

10th Place

SoulCharms Crystals

If you’ve ever visited a mall kiosk and felt disappointed at the designs and collections, this shop won’t let you down like that! They offer crystal skulls, necklaces, energy pyramids, and crystal bands.

Be filled with hope through their rose quartz bands, be inspired with their amethyst bracelets, and open your mind’s eye with Tiger's eye. They make the perfect collection because there’s something here for everyone.

No matter what you need, you’ll find it here. And, you won’t be let down by the variety.

11th Place

Spirit Body Bliss

These shops offer a huge variety of ethically derived crystals to stun you with their beauty and strength. They have an interesting and creative design for their crystals which include egg styled crystal spheres.

I was personally in love with these designs, and felt they reminded me of a dinosaur or large bird egg, but with crystals! My favorite is their fire opal necklace! A stunning eye into the healing energy of their collection.

12th Place

Crystal Magnetics

Crystal Magnetics offers fast, same day delivery for their clients for a small upcharge. Their goal is to get you your healing crystals as fast as possible! When you need the comforting energy of a crystal, speed can mean so much!

One stunning piece of their collection is a selenite ceremonial knife that you can use in your rituals! If you want to know how, check out the FAQ section at the start of the article!

They also purchased over 500kgs of Ajoite from a recently shut down African mine. These crystals help cure the immune system and enhance your overall well being. Make sure you get them while you can!


13th Place

VS Minerals

VS Minerals has over 2,600 reviews with a 5 star review average! They provide authentic crystals from all over the world, bringing you a deeper connection with the rest of the world’s unique culture.

Most of their crystals largely consist of quartz crystals that possess a strong energizing element. Use these crystals to help enhance your power, emphasize your positivity, and channel your inner strength.

14th Place

Peach and Pixie

Peach and Pixie is an ethical shop, black owned and operated, who hope to help people find their own light in life. They provide their clients with a huge selection, including zodiac focused sets and intention sets.

These will help you as an individual by working with your personal rising sign. Whether a Pisces or a Gemini, you’ll find your personal crystal here.

15th Place

Wonder Crystal

Owned and operated by Vanya, the owner states that he first came to love crystals from his grandfather and great grandfather. These role models traveled all over the world, collecting the most unique and authentic crystals they could get their hands on.

Wonder Crystal offers all kinds of crystals. Ranging from small pebble sized crystals to keep in your pockets to massive king sized crystals!

If variety and authenticity is what you’re after, then this is the place to look. Vanya continues his family’s tradition by providing the best he can get his hands on.

16th Place

Naturally Eu

Naturally Eu offers several types of crystals with various healing elements. However, this is far from the only item they have to offer in their shop.

They offer bundles of Eucalyptus, both blue and red, for you to add to your altar. Not only do these leaves smell great, they also act as a natural cleanser and will help clear your air. Wasps nests for your rituals. And, incense resin discs.

17th Place

Sacred Earth Stones

This beautiful shop is owned and operated by Star LaVie out of New York. She states that her crystals are all infused with good intentions, love, and high frequency energy. Rest assured, these crystals will uplift you and encourage you.

She designs all of her works with Yoga and Chakra healing in mind. You can see this reflected in her Selenite sheets. She offers a Chakra etched Selenite sheet with each chakra emblem beautifully imbued in the crystalline structure.

If you don’t find what speaks to you, she encourages her clients to contact her. She offers customized services and designs and will do her best to accommodate your needs.

18th Place

Adam’s Crystals

Adam Larson is the owner and operator of Adam's Crystals. If you're looking for some top quality crystals this is the place to be. Although a bit expensive when compared to others on our list, they are definitely worth it.

Authentic, beautiful, and exquisite quality, these crystals come back cut and in natural form. The many pendants displayed on his page demonstrate just how lovely and pristine this collection is.

Just make sure you know what you want prior to ordering! Although a helpful host, he is unable to accept cancellations and can only accept returns for certain items.

19th Place

Spirit Crystal Cavern

Spirit Crystal Cavern is the perfect name for this amazing shop. Many of their crystals are compound crystals, which are crystals that are mixed with other substances or crystalline structures. This makes them appear very much like a crystal you’d find in a magical cavern!

My personal favorites are their Apophyllite and Stilbite crystals and their Fairy Stone crystals. Fairy Stone crystals are super unique for their odd appearance, looking very much like a little fairy’s workbench.

20th Place

Black Crystal Moon

Black Crystal Moon is owned and operated by Lela, who states she started her store to satisfy her desire to create beauty. She finds crystals to be some of the most uplifting and gorgeous stones, and thus sought an outlet for her creativity.

You’ll probably fall in-love with her unique design and cute creativity. My personal favorite on her site is the Owl Opalite necklaces. These adorable creations peek out into the world, giving you insight and wisdom, while also complimenting your outfit!

How to Shop Crystals on Etsy?

One of the first things to look out for in an Etsy shop is authenticity. It’s much easier to fool people online than it is in a real life store. However, rest assured, these shops probably won’t be around very long.

If there’s one thing us crystal lovers are good at, it’s judging the authenticity of semi precious gems. In this manner, we are sort of like private gemstone evaluators. If these shops are sending their shoppers fake crystals, they will lose shoppers fast!

Therefore, keep your eye out for someone who’s been at the business for at least a year. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t give newbies a try, but if you don’t feel you’re quite savvy enough yet to tell a fake, then stick to the tried and true!

As always, find the crystal and design which speaks to you. If you feel drawn and attracted to a specific crystal, it often means it is calling to you personally! Maybe it has some energies or healing elements that your brain and heart know they need.

Last, look out for good reviews! That’s why our list includes shops with hundreds, if not thousands, of detailed reviews from shoppers. If most people are satisfied and happy with their purchase, you can be sure they won’t disappoint you.


Etsy is one of the best places to find variety, quality, and not to mention personalization. If you want to help small businesses thrive and flourish, this is the place to be, while also healing your mind, body, and soul.

Our top suggestion is always Conscious Items because of their quality, consistency, and authenticity. But, we hope this list has helped you find some excellent, small online companies you can shop with in order to fulfill your magical needs.

4.9/5 - (75 votes)

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